Frequently Asked Questions

Am I compensated for gas or mileage?

No. Fur-Get Me Not does not compensate for mileage between customer’s homes, or to and from the office. However, gas expenses related to work can be written off at tax season.

Is it possible to be a full-time dog walker?

It depends. The majority of our walks take place between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday, however our dog walkers are not conducting walks the entire time. Typically a dog walker will walk dogs for 3-4 hours. The highest average we’ve seen is about 25 hours per week.

Some dog walkers take on additional work as pet sitters, and at times also work as a dog daycare attendant. If an employee works in 2 capacities as a daycare attendant with a set schedule and combined with a regular dog walking schedule, it is possible to reach above the 30 hour threshold to qualify for health insurance, however it is rare to be able to reach above the 40 hour threshold to qualify for paid time off or full-time status.

Because dog walking is part-time, the majority of our dog walkers either already have a career that they are supplementing, or only need part-time income.

What happens if a dog bites or hurts me while I'm working?

Don’t panic - you have support. We are an employee-based company which means by law we are required to have Workers’ Compensation. In the event of an injury, our HR department will help you through the process.

In addition, we offer employee training and have protocols in place in an effort to keep employees safe and prevent injuries from happening. If there is an animal that is not the right fit for you, puts you at risk, or is not comfortable being handled by you, we either provide you the resources for more animal behavior training or we simply cannot take the assignment and we may ask that the client work with our training department to provide alternative solutions.

Are dog walkers employees or independent contractors?

All of our staff are employees, meaning that Fur-Get Me Not handles taxation and deductions, and produces an annual W-2 for tax purposes. This also means that employees are required to comply with a non-compete agreement.

Will I be walking multiple dogs at once?

Fur-Get Me Not believes in providing individualized service for each pet in our care. We think that a personal touch and the development of a one-on-one relationship with the animal is important. Generally, all walks will be a one-to-one ratio so that you can focus on the pets in your care. However, there may be times where multiple dogs are in a single household and both dogs are walked in tandem.

How long is a daycare attendant shift?

The average length of a daycare shift is between 5-7 hours. Our day starts at 6am, and generally ends about an hour after closing. If you’re interested in daycare, feel free to inquire about what shifts we’re currently looking to fill.

Are dog walkers paid hourly?

No. Dog walkers are paid per visit and not hourly. Each visit is conducted to be a specific length of time from the time you walk in the client's door to the time you leave. You are paid for that time only. We do not pay for the time it takes to drive to and from clients' homes.

Will I be outside in all kinds of weather?

Yes. We provide dog walks in rain, sun, sleet and snow - but we also take the safety of our employees as well as the animals in our care very seriously. If there is a weather event that makes it unsafe to be outdoors, we will contact employees accordingly. Same is true of our dog daycare staff. We do conduct outdoor potty breaks at specific times of the day, regardless of weather.

Do I need a car?

In some roles, a car can be necessary. Dog walkers especially find it easier to perform duties with a vehicle. Some areas may be easier to get around via foot or bike, but the majority require regular access to a vehicle.

OnSite employees are less in need of a vehicle, and can generally use public transportation, cycle, or walk to get to the job site. Some roles, like Daycare Manager, Office Manager, may require the ability to run errands off-site and will need regular access to a vehicle.

What training does Fur-Get Me Not provide?

Fur-Get Me Not provides both initial and ongoing training. At your new hire orientation, we will review our company policies and day-to-day expectations of each individual role. Dog walkers also receive walk-along training with a more experienced dog walker, and then continued training during tenure milestones to increase their knowledge base regarding dogs and dog behavior.

What benefits does Fur-Get Me Not offer?

We offer a variety of perks and benefits. For a full list, click here.