Dog Walking

This is our most popular service! Dogs are social animals and they can become bored when you are at work. Besides a bathroom break, a dog walk gives your dog an outlet for their energy and a change of scenery to break up their day. We can visit once or twice each day, every day, every week, or on occasion. Our pricing Monthly Plans offer discounts.

All of our dog walkers are employees who have gone through a multi-step interview process, reference checks, and background checks. Our full time office and management team support them and ensure your dog receives consistent, reliable services. We focus on first ensuring a good match between our team member and your dog, and then building a relationship with your dog.

What's Included?

Daily or Occasional Service

Call, email, or complete our online reservation form to request a dog walk when you need it. If you would like a recurring schedule each week but don't want to enroll in our monthly program, no problem, we can schedule services when you need them.

Standard Visits
30-Minute $26
45-Minute $32
60-Minute $39
Puppy/Senior visits
Two 20-Minute visits
on the same day

Monthly Service

Enroll NowWe provide discounts for frequent customers. If you would like us to walk your dog 3 or more times per week, then we have a membership plan for you!

Basic Plan
3x week, M-F
3% savings
30-Minute Visit
$303/month or $25.22/walk
45-Minute Visit
$372/month or $31.04/walk
60-Minute Visit
$454/month or $37.83/walk
Premier Plan
Daily, M-F
5% savings
30-Minute Visit
$395/month or $24.70/walk
45-Minute Visit
$486/month or $30.40/walk
60-Minute Visit
$593/month or $37.05/walk
VIP Plan
Daily, M-F
10% savings
30-Minute Visit
$491/month or $23.40/walk
45-Minute Visit
$605/month or $28.80/walk
60-Minute Visit
$737/month or $35.10/walk
Two Puppy/Senior
20-Minute visits/day
$794/month or $18.90/walk

Monthly Plan Details

Let's Get Started

New customers must go through a new client registration process. Existing Fur-Get Me Not customers that have used our daycare or training services but not yet used our dog walking or pet sitting services, must also go through this process before we can begin.

That's it. Once these steps are completed, you can begin booking dog walking and pet sitting services.

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