Inclement Weather Policy

In most cases we will make a determination in the morning no later than 8AM if we intend to be open or closed for business that day due to inclement weather. We will notify clients in either case, if we are open or closed, via an *e-newsletter circulation.

*As a client, you are automatically enrolled in our e-newsletter communications but if you are unsure if you are on our list or chose to unsubscribe, we encourage you to subscribe so that you can remain informed of these communications. If you would like to verify you are enrolled, please send an email to our office or you can sign-up here.

Dog Daycare

The daycare does not follow the Federal Government closings for weather or adverse road conditions. However, our employees may experience difficulty arriving to work that morning and be a little delayed. If we determine that it is necessary to close the daycare early, we will notify the customers whose dogs are still at daycare to make appropriate arrangements.  We will also send out communications if we decide it is unsafe for the daycare to open due to adverse conditions.


We board dogs 365 days a year which is the main reason our dog daycare remains open during inclement weather. However if for some reason we find it necessary to close daycare, the dogs boarding with us will still receive care. We will instead operate under the holiday schedule with limited play hours and boarding pickup hours. Below is our schedule during holiday times/inclement weather:

  • Feeding times are 6am & 6pm
  • Play times are 10am-3pm
  • Pick-up and drop-off times are by appointment only. Please arrange a time with our office team.

Dog Training

Dog Training classes do not follow the federal government closing schedule. If weather or adverse road conditions warrant cancelling classes, a determination will be made by 5pm (or 2-3 hours before non-evening classes). The trainer will notify all students of the class cancellations by email or phone. 

On demand training is paired with daycare and will follow the daycare inclement weather decision. We will also determine if your trainer is able to safely travel to the building for the session, in the event we remain open.

If you have an at-home training session scheduled, the trainer will work with you directly to reschedule if necessary.

Dog Walking

In most cases, we follow the federal government closing, however there are times where schools or federal government may be closed and the local governments are open or on delay, or we simply determine that we do not feel the weather has an impact on our conducting dog walks that day. We will notify clients if we are closed.

In the event we remain open but you remain home and would like to cancel your walk that day, we ask that you contact our office by 9am the day of service so that we have time to inform your dog walker and avoid being charged for that day.

Please help keep our team safe by clearing a safe pathway to your home before any scheduled walks after the storm.

Pet Sitting

For pet sitting clients, we request that you provide us with emergency backup relatives or neighbors that can help out during those times where road conditions prohibit us from reaching your home. We will take every step possible to ensure the safety of your pet which may require us to bring them home with us or find alternative boarding means. We will work with you and your emergency contacts to find the best solution.

Please help us ensure we have your most up to date emergency contact information when you are travelng. If a storm is predicted, please work with the office team to develop any necessary contingency plans so everyone is as prepared as possible.