About Us

We believe in fair, open, and honest business practices. We believe when someone else is caring for your pet, they should provide the same quality of care as if you were doing it yourself. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with you and your pets. Our team is dedicated to getting to know your pet so we can partner with you to help them thrive. Our services are broad yet flexible, convenient, and can be combined in different ways to meet your specific pet care needs.

Whether you work or travel, have a new puppy, a high-energy dog or a playful kitten, have behavior challenges with your dog or have a shy cat, we do it all. We can come to your home for pet sitting, dog walking, and dog training. Or you can bring your dog to us for dog daycare, dog boarding, and dog training.


Fur-Get Me Not was founded by Tammy Rosen in December 2000. It began as a pet sitting business operating out of her home in Arlington, VA. Initially she was the single employee and operator, but the business grew very quickly due to the high demand for in-home dog walking and pet sitting services. Within months she hired her first employee and from there the team continued to expand and the services continued to broaden, ultimately reaching the greater Northern Virginia region.

In late 2003, Fur-Get Me Not relocated it's office to Shirlington and opened a 3,000 square foot dog daycare facility. By doing so, the company was able to further expand their services by offering dog daycare, dog boarding, and dog training. By 2006, Fur-Get Me Not expanded in-home pet care services to the Washington, DC area.

In 2010, Fur-Get Me Not became a full-family affair when Tammy's husband joined the company. At the same time, the business added a second location that operates as a Dog Training School and is located next door to the dog daycare. In addition the business added a third location that operated in Adams Morgan as a DIY Dog Wash from 2010-2020 but has since closed shop.

Today Fur-Get Me Not employs 120 pet care professionals and provides services to over 8,000 clients in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. Fur-Get Me Not has been recognized by numerous publications, organizations, and our customers for the high quality of services and the friendly, professional staff that make it all happen.

Meet the Owners

Tammy Rosen
Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Fur-Get Me Not, Tammy worked as a software engineer for 5 years at several telecommunications and consulting companies with a degree in Business and minor in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University. Her passion for dogs and interest in animal behavior led her to change career paths to pursue an apprenticeship with a local dog trainer. This led to her ultimate desire to open a dog training school of her own and became the foundation for launching Fur-Get Me Not.

For the first 15 years of the business, Tammy actively pursued continuing education on animal behavior and dog training, while growing the business and teaching group dog training classes on a part-time basis. She built the company from the ground up, working in every position in the company before defining that role and filling it with new team members.

Her husband Steve joined the company in 2010 shortly after their second child was born. His support has enabled them both to better manage work life balance while juggling carpool and children's sports activites.

Steve Rosen
VP Business Operations

Steve had a very successful 15-year career in corporate America where his experiences ranged from leading teams gathering requirements and designing large scale software systems to analyzing what drives customer satisfaction and designing business processes to meet those goals. After the birth of Tammy and Steve’s second child and the continued growth of the company, it seemed like a natural progression for Steve to leave his career and join Tammy full-time to develop their family business. Tammy and Steve realized that having two separate careers while raising two children was becoming difficult to manage, and it was time to combine their career energy on growing Fur-Get Me Not.

Tammy and Steve reside in Arlington, VA with their two children and golden retriever Murphy.