Pet of the Month

We think we have the best clients in town! Here, we highlight their amazing animals. Congratulations to these all-star clients who have been hand-selected by our team to be featured as our pet of the month.

2024 / 2023

December 2022 - Poppy

Poppy is a female Dalmatian who just recently turned 1. Poppy has been a FGMN client since February 2022 for dog daycare, boarding, enrichment camps, nature walks, and puppy socials.

Words to live by: “Everywhere you go, I want to go with you."

Best friend at daycare? Ginger, Billie, and Desmond.

Quirk? When I go on car rides, no matter how long or short, I express my boredom with the trip by making several exaggerated yawns. When I want my owner to share her food with me, I sit next to her and make occasional smacking noises with my mouth.

If she could talk, what would she say about us? “Fur-Get Me Not is my favorite place to go while my owner is at work because everyone there gives me lots of extra love and they play with me and all the other pups all day long!” ⁠

Favorite thing about our team? Lots and lots of pets from the daycare staff!!! And hours of playtime everyday with my best pups! Brain teasers at enrichment camp are extra fun, too!

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "Poppy has a lot of energy, so making sure she has a place to go during the day where she can safely run and play while I’m at work is very important to me. Also, knowing she has a place to stay that’s safe while I am out of town is a big deal. The extra love and care Fur-Get Me Not has given Poppy during her regular daycare and boarding stays has been superb." ⁠

November 2022 - Bosco

Bosco is a male English Lab age 6. Bosco has been a FGMN client since May 2021 for dog walking, daycare, and boarding.

Words to live by: “All you need is food, love, and naps!"

Best friend at daycare? When he's in the mood to play, Lily's name seems to pop up often.

Something funny? Bosco's built like a tank, will come at you like a missile but then rub up against you and walk in circles like a cat, expecting pets.

Favorite thing about our team? Bosco adores anyone who's willing to give him lots of love - which means the entire staff are his best friends.

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "Mainly because this place is like "Cheers", everyone knows Bosco's name and he's ALWAYS excited to go to daycare and spend the day with his besties (human and fur)." ⁠

October 2022 - Crash

Crash is a male Pit Mix age 8. Crash has been coming to daycare since 2017. He also boards with us, receives pet taxis services and is a frequent participant in our enrichment camps. He can be seen shopping in our lobby and often receives a cookie or stuffed kong while in quiet time.

Motto: “Lives for treats, sunbathing, and lots of affection!"

Best friend at daycare? I like bouncing around, playing tug with all my friends in playgroup and then lounging around!

Something funny? Our favorite report card note is from 2017: "Crash is built like a cannon, he acts like a water gun though... He's a pretty dope dog."

If she could talk, what would she say? “I know that I have a grumpy resting face, but I am really a sweet, loving girl that just wants attention. If you want to see my smile, just throw the ball for me. I reserve it for that!” ⁠

Favorite thing about our team? I love everyone on the daycare team and in the office! They always greet me with a big hello when I walk into the building and give me pets all day long!

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "We selected FGMN when we moved to the area because they had great reviews, allowed outdoor time and walks during the day, and had a good indoor space to let the pups play! Crash was 2.5 years old when he started going to FGMN for daycare and was high energy, so FGMN provided a great place for him to socialize with a variety of pups and get his energy out!" ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? We sincerely thank you for your care and attention to Crash. We've used almost every service you offer! The daycare team takes such great care of him. One time when Crash was boarding overnight, he got sick and the daycare manager at the time took Crash to the vet. The vet said to leave Crash there until they were able to fit him in between appointments but he stayed with Crash the whole time and kept me informed throughout. Your staff have always been so kind, attentive, and flexible when unexpected plans change. Thank you to all!!

August 2022 - Ginger

Ginger is a female Golden Retriever that turns 1 year old this month! She has attended dog daycare and boarding, dog training classes, private training, workshops, and puppy socials as well as school while attending daycare and enrichment camps while at daycare. She has 3 feline family members who enjoy pet sits when mom and dad are away. Ginger's family has been using Fur-Get Me Not services since 2006 - that's 16 years!

Best friend at daycare? Poppy and Stella. Yasmin is a special Daycare Attendant, but they are all great.

Something unique? She loves bones with marrow.

What changes have you seen in Ginger as a result of training with us? She’s got sit and down nailed, and doesn’t mind being combed around her ears. More generally, she’s not as wild.

Favorite thing about our team? They get me! She loves playing tag, chasing, and cuddling with the daycare attendants

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "We had an elderly golden and needed someone to stay in our house when we were away. We found FGMN and have been with them ever since." ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? We appreciate that FGMN is full service. Whether it’s dogs or cats or both, they offer whatever services we need with plenty of flexibility. Recently we had a small crisis in that we had planned a trip and at the last minute it turned out that Ginger could not go to boarding for health reasons. FGMN lined up a group of dog walkers and pet sitters who did a great job at our house on very short notice.

July 2022 - Hobbs & Snickers

Hobbs is a male Dalmatian, 6.5 years (I think – he was a stray). Snickers is a female Calico cat, age 11 (adopted from AWLA). Fur-Get Me Not has provided dog walking and pet sitting services for them since 2013 - long time!

Words to live by:
Hobbs: I love everyone! Humans and dogs/cats alike. I chase squirrels but can’t really see them.
Snickers: Just give me a soft place to nap and I’m happy“Ball is Life" - Ellie's joy is playing games of fetch over and over and over again!

Something funny?
Hobbs: I’m a stray and was food-deprived so I’ll eat anything, including a one-pound bag of uncooked lentils. Recently I ran into a sign while chasing a squirrel. The sign read “Please keep your dog on a leash.”
Snickers: I love searching out secret places in the house, such as my human’s basket of camping supplies. The basket of winter hats and gloves is cosy too.

If they could talk, what would she say?
Hobbs: They talk to me and keep me company when my owner is away.
Snickers: Same for me.⁠

Favorite thing about their dog walker or pet sitter?
Hobbs: I love Robert Traxler since he takes such great pics of me and sends them to my human. But all of the pet walkers are awesome.
Snickers: Same, I love Robert’s scratches

June 2022 - River

River is an 1.5 year old German Shepherd. He has attended dog training classes and privates, impulse control and leash manners school, dog daycare, and enrichment camps.

Words to live by: “...If it feels good, do it!⁠"

Best friend at daycare? ...The daycare attendants and Atlas has been mentioned on his report cards a lot. He recently changed playgroups so he may be making new friends now.

Something unique? River is originally from Ethiopia! He was adopted as a tiny puppy after his mother was no longer able to feed him and moved to the US at 8 months old. His coloring is very unusual for a German Shepherd because his father was a white GSD.

If he could talk, what would he say? “River loves his human friends at FGMN most of all, I think if he could talk he'd excitedly babble as we get out of the car wondering who's on the other side of the door for him to jump on and give hello kisses to 👅⁠” ⁠

Favorite thing about the dog trainers? ...Their patience, expertise, and TREATS!

⁠What changes have you seen in River as a result of training with us? ...River is calmer, more confident, better at controlling his impulses, much more polite on leash and less reactive!⁠

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "We love the structured days, temperament-sorted playgroups, thoughtful and skilled staff and daycare attendants, outdoor potty breaks and training and enrichment offerings⁠." ⁠

May 2022 - EverGreen

EverGreen is an 8.5 year old Vizsla. She has enjoyed daycare, daily walks since she was a puppy, and occasional vacations at FGMN (aka boarding)..

Words to live by: “When all else fails, hug the dog ❤️"

Best friend at daycare? Everyone, especially the daycare attendants.

Best thing about the dog walkers? They have all been great and attentive to EverGreen.

Quirk? As she has gotten older, the fur on EverGreen's muzzle has grown white, unusual for a Vizsla. Giving her a unique look and charm.

If she could talk, what would she say about us? "...I would love it if EverGreen could talk, she has so much to say. One of her favorite features at FGMN are all the goodies for sale. EverGreen loves to window shop by sniffing all the neat toys and other fun items on the wall.” ⁠

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "When I was first seeking services for the first time, the initial provider backed out at the last minute. FGMN came to the rescue the very next day and has been a great partner for the last 8 years." ⁠

April 2022 - Harley

Harley is a 3 year old, female rat terrier mix. Harley uses our daycare, training classes, dog walking & pet taxi service. She is a frequent participant in our enrichment camps and our enrichment activities while attending daycare. Harley is a true adventurer at heart and has a vast travel resume. She loves a good road trip, especially the burger patty that the chauffer serves a few hours into the drive.

Words to live by: “There's no such thing as too much bacon!!⁠"

If she could talk, what would she say about us?...that she likes sunning herself and enjoys the human companionship at daycare. She really likes the daycare staff.

Quirks? Harley knows her "greens". She has a major dislike for carrots and veggies in general. It can be minced, chopped, or cooked in a stew and she will leave it in the bowl but everything else will be gone. No joke! That nose, knows.

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "Because of the [daycare] schedule, outdoor potty breaks, and daycare training camps." ⁠

March 2022 - Lena

Lena is a 9 year old, female lab mix. Lena uses our daycare & boarding service and she is a frequent participant in our enrichment camps. Mom says she is a human dog and absolutely loves people and she can play ball for hours on end, age means nothing to her (she's a spry 63 in hooman years 😉).

Words to live by: “Ball is life... even better if it squeaks."

If she could talk, what would she say about us? “This is the best place ever! I get all the belly rubs and loving a pup could want. These are definitely my fav hoomans” ⁠

Why did you choose FGMN over all the rest? "I initially picked FGMN because they had amazing ratings. But I stayed because my pup loves it here. She gets so excited if I ask if she’s ready to go to doggy daycare and knows when we are close to the building and starts squealing. It’s the best feeling knowing she is happy here." ⁠