Pet of the Month

We think we have the best clients in town! Here, we highlight their amazing animals. Congratulations to these all-star clients who have been hand-selected by our team to be featured as our pet of the month.

2023 / 2022

June 2024 - Griffin

Griffin is a 19 month old male Alaskan Klee Kai. Griffin joined Fur-Get Me Not in 2023 and uses our daycare and training services.

Words to live by: "Snacks are life."

Favorite thing about our team? That everyone is so excited to see Griffin in the morning at drop-off and in the evenings at pick-up. And, of course, that he comes home and passes out. :)

Favorite daycare friend? Griffin will play with everyone until he tires them out or annoys them enough he's put in a time out, but he seems to really like Penny, Penelope and Basil lately. Yay Group D!

Quirk? Griffin likes to walk while peeing and there have been a few shoes hit at FGMN! We're sorry! If you ask for kisses, he'll lick your ear.

If he could talk, what would he say? Griffin would ask for treats and to play chase.⁠

Why did you choose our service? Griffin was incredibly shy when he first came home at 8 weeks. He was afraid of everything including other dogs and people. In our continuing effort to socialize him, we did group training classes, dog parks and eventually, when he was ready, daycare. It's been a huge help with his socialization and depleting his high energy.⁠

Anything else you would like to share? Griffin has his own Instagram handle if you'd like to follow him griffin_mornay

May 2024 - Ember

Ember is a 9 month old female German Shorthaired Pointer. Ember joined Fur-Get Me Not in 2023 and uses our daycare, private at-home training, and nail trimming services.

Words to live by: "I've never met a treat or trail I didn't like."

Favorite thing about our team? We love that Ember is greeted by name when she shows up to daycare every day. Funny enough, one morning as I was walking out the door after dropping her off, I heard one of the gals at the front desk say, "Good morning, Ms. Ballestero!" I turned around, only to realize she was talking to Ember, not me- gave our family a good laugh! The team genuinely seems to care about the pups!

Favorite daycare friend? Louie, Frankie B, Duchess, and Seamus are Ember's squad from Group C

Quirk? Ember is a total treat mongrel! She can be fast asleep- nubby tail happily wagging during a dream- and the slightest crinkle of a treat bag (human or puppy) will wake her up! Cheese, chicken, and blueberries are among her favorite non-puppy treats. If a treat falls into her water bowl, she'll be sure to "dive" (blow bubbles out of her nose) to retrieve it. When she's not snacking, Ember loves to run around the Holmes Run Stream Valley. Whether chasing a frisbee (sadly two too many have been lost to the Holmes Run), sniffing the scents of fox and deer, or watching the birds, she loves to be outside.

If she could talk, what would she say? "More bubbles!"⁠

Why did you choose our service? Convenient location, flexible hours, clean, friendly staff, positive training philosophy ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? Ember is our first puppy and FGMN is the only dog daycare service we have used; we could not be more satisfied with the service!

April 2024 - Bailey

Bailey is a 2 year old female beagle. Bailey joined Fur-Get Me Not in 2022 and uses our daycare, boarding, enrichment camps, on demand training, and confidence building classes.

Words to live by: "Sniff all the sniffs." True to her breed, Bailey is an expert sniffer who will always stop to investigate a new or interesting smell. She especially loves figuring out the smells coming from mom and dad's meals, so much so that she'll patiently sit by the table until the food is brought close enough for a proper sniff before laying down satisfied with what she's discovered.

Favorite thing about our team? The genuine joy everyone seems to have when Bailey is visiting. Whether it's complimenting Bailey for one of the coats she's wearing when she arrives, giving her extra pets (because no amount of pets is ever enough) or indulging her in a game of tug or chase, everyone at FGMN always appears to be enjoying their time with Bailey while creating a safe, comfortable environment for her. That warmth and happiness shown to Bailey is, without question, why she's always so excited to go to daycare — we can never seem to walk as fast as she'd like when heading to FGMN!

Quirk? Bailey's time at enrichment camp is rubbing off on her at home! One of her newer quirks that we cannot get enough of is the fact that any time someone with a walker or wheelchair passes by outside, Bailey races to the window and starts pawing and barking with excitement. We believe this is because she's wanting to interact with these items like she occasionally does at camp.

Favorite daycare friend? Bailey loves playing with so many of her daycare friends, but Maple and Cannoli are two of her besties she seems to always have a blast with.

If she could talk, what would she say? "I love my human and furry friends at FGMN! Thanks for always taking such great care of me, even when I try stealing report cards or get a little too excited during play."⁠

Why did you choose our service? FGMN came highly recommended by AWLA (where we adopted Bailey from) and Clarendon Animal Care (Bailey's vet). Shortly after Bailey came home with us after being rescued from the Envigo facility along with thousands of other beagles, we sought a safe space for Bailey to socialize with other dogs as she dealt with anxiety and adjusted to her new, normal dog life. With all the glowing reviews we read online, plus the recommendations from AWLA and Clarendon Animal Care, we knew FGMN's small-group environment and extra services like training and classes would be the perfect fit for Bailey and us. She has truly thrived since coming to FGMN! ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? Thanks to FGMN, we've added a lot of fun activities and goodies to Bailey's enrichment routine at home. Her favorite is undoubtedly our flirt pole (which she tries to steal out of our laundry room whenever she can!), but she also loves working to get treats out of various puzzles and her hol-ee roller ball.

March 2024 - Seamus

Seamus is a 7 month old male lab mix. Seamus is new to the Fur-Get Me Not family since 2023 however he is well-versed in nearly every services including daycare, boarding, on demand training, puppy privates, puppy socials, and puppy classes.

Words to live by: "Play hard, sleep harder, snuggle often."

Favorite thing about our team? They seem as happy to see Seamus as Seamus is to see them. Lots of smiles all around! And everyone is so helpful!

Quirk? One of Seamus's favorite toys is a giant ball of yarn that he unravels every morning. We suspect he might have been a cat in a previous life! :-)

Favorite daycare friend? Patsy

If he could talk, what would he say? Daycare is like my home away from home. I love seeing all my friends!⁠

Why did you choose our service? "Fur-Get Me Not was recommended by our family who have been clients for years (Bristol and Henry Walsh and Lola Strader). When we first adopted Seamus, we were a little overwhelmed by puppy training. We wanted to ensure that our whole family had a good experience, especially Seamus and our four year old son, Harrison. We started with in-home training sessions that helped us all adjust early on and then graduated to daycare and on-demand training which has helped us keep the progress going!" ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? We're so grateful to all of the staff at Fur-Get Me Not. The training team and daycare/boarding teams are just exceptional and Seamus has really thrived over the past few months. We are especially grateful to Brianne who has done as much to help our family adjust to Seamus as she has supported Seamus adapting to us. It's been a great experience!

February 2024 - Arlo

Arlo is a 4 year old male Boston Terrier mix. Arlo has been part of the Fur-Get Me Not family since 2020. He used to come to daycare and now receives dog walking at home.

Favorite thing about your dog walker? He loves his walks so much he almost bursts. Nate and he are great buddies. He is always on squirrel and chipmunk patrol.

Quirk? He loves any and all treats ("cookies" to him). He is so polite when getting one. I'm his Gammie so of course I'm biased but when his Momma comes home from a hard day I no longer count.

If he could talk, what would he say? Time for "toy of the day". His number of stuffed animals is legendary. He literally roots around in the huge toy bin pile to pick out the winner of the "toy of the day" to play with. He is so cute with that. Every toy gets some love. He really loves his squeaky pink cow and his squeaky pink bat. ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? He is a world class nap taker. He will sleep so long you almost have to wake him (plus he takes up most of ANY bed he gets on.

January 2024 - Odin

Odin  is a 2 year old male Shepherd mix. Odin has been using our daycare and enrichment school services since 2022.

Words to live by: "Don’t be a bully; I won’t stand for it." At dog parks and in general, he sticks up for the little guy or when others overstep.

Favorite thing about our team? The entire staff seems to loves Odin and he receives such an amazing greeting in the morning and when he leaves.

Quirk? The word "treat" doesn’t mean much to him. But tell him he is getting a “SPECIAL” and you will have his undivided attention!

Favorite daycare friend? I have to defer to the team: the notes always reference Jellybean 😀

If he could talk, what would he say? "Oh, the other building today; Tuesdays are the best days! Enrichment school makes my week. " ⁠

Why did you choose our service? "Odin has attended daycare and training at various other facilities but the care and love he gets with Fur-Get Me Not is next level amazing." ⁠

Anything else you would like to share? His huge lamb chop toy is his favorite; either playing or just snuggling, it’s his go to! And the photo of him sleeping is typical of post enrichment school days.