Our newly renovated 6,000 square foot dog daycare & boarding facility is designed with the whole dog in mind. We are reinventing what it means to send your dog to daycare. At our facility, we separate dogs into playgroups based on temperament, size, play style, age, and other special needs.

Each dog must first pass the daycare evaluation. These are scheduled in advance (click here to learn more about this process). If your dog passes the evaluation, our team will assign your dog a primary plagroup. However a dog's behavior is fluid and may change over time or from experiences outside our daycare on any given day. Some dogs are able to participate in multiple playgroups. We are an advocate for your dog, encouraging positive off-leash play with other dog friends. To do this, we manage our playgroups using techniques rooted in positive dog training, with a focus on interrupting and redirecting inappropriate behavior versus punishing poor behavior. We want to help each dog make good choices. click here to learn more about our playgroups

Our daycare is more than just being in a single room to play off-leash for the day. We purposefully designed a schedule to provide a mix of structure and variety, providing your dog with the best environment to thrive. Dogs are healthier and happier when they are not stressed. We provide a routine to reduce their stress and reduce their boredom. Our daily schedule provides a rotation of

  1. off-leash play inside the playgroup
  2. interaction with toys and other playground equipment
  3. relaxing time outside the playgroup in our crate room
  4. outdoor potty breaks
  5. return to a new playroom with a different mix of toys and playground equipment

This variety is good for their curiousity and by default provides added enrichment to their environment. There's a reason our tag line is Enrich. Play. Thrive. Come check us out and see for yourself. Your dog will thank you.

What's Included?


Daycare Extras


Daily or Occasional Service

Call, email, or complete our online reservation form to request daycare when you need it. If you would like a recurring schedule each week but don't want to enroll in our monthly program, no problem, we can schedule services when you need them.

Full Day
6+ hours
Half Day
less than 6 hours

Monthly Memberships

If you plan to bring your dog to daycare on a routine basis, we recommend enrolling in a memberhip program for a discounted rate and other added benefits. Membership is for clients that have a set schedule (ie Mondays each week). Membership guarantees you a reserved spot for that day, every week, every month. If you cancel your day, we cannot guarantee there will be room on another day. In addition, we offer additional discounts and specials to our membership only clients.

1x per week
2x per week
3x per week
4x per week
Ultimate Socialite
unlimited daycare

Membership Details

Daily Schedule

Our day is structured to optimize both play and rest but also to provide a variety of opportunities for your dog to engage in toys and playground equipment. We have 5 playgroups, which are split into 2 larger groups when determining the day's schedule. It's possible your dog is in group 1 one day and group 2 on a different day, even though they are consistently in the same playgroup of friends on both of these days.

*Please note we open at 7am weekdays and 8am on weekends. We offer early drop off services if you need to drop your dog off up to 30 minutes before we open.

**Please also be mindful of our closing time. If you do not pick up your dog before closing, there is a $1 per minute late fee. Any dog not picked up within 30 minutes of closing will be boarded overnight and client will be responsible for the additional boarding fees. If you know you will be late, consider scheduling a pet taxi home for your dog.

Let's Get Started

All new daycare and boarding customers must go through a new client registration process before we can begin.

*Required vaccinations: Bordatella, DHPP, Rabies. You may also have your vet email them to our office before your evaluation. If vaccinations are not provided, we will not be able to conduct the evaluation.

**Arrive to your evaluation on time. Evaluations are scheduled at specific times of the day in order to maintain a structured day for the dogs and ensure they have time for all their scheduled activities. If you are running behind, please give us a courtesy call so that we can either hold your spot or reschedule for another time. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your evaluation, we will need to reschedule.

Once your dog has passed the evaluation, you can begin booking dog daycare and boarding services.

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