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Vivian Leven, Dog Training Director
I feel very fortunate that I get to do what I love everyday - work with dogs! We have a wide spread of services between levels and specialty classes, privates, day training, the apprenticeship program and being a resource for our partner rescue groups. I am the go-to person for anything that relates to dog training and behavior so my work assignments vary from day-to-day. I am originally from Sweden where I grew up with all sorts of animals, dogs and horses being on the top of my list. I volunteered at vet hospitals, show kennels and horse barns for most of my teenage years. Animals have brought me great joy and adventure in life, including my first visit to the US. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) and a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (CBCC). I have a Masters in Conflict Resolution from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. I live with my daughter and dog Karma in Alexandria.


Katharine Campbell, Accounting Manager
I was born and raised in Maryland and just recently moved to Alexandria, VA from Rockville, MD. The majority of my accounting background is in the hospitality industry (Hotels & Catering), so Iím excited to see what the pet industry has in store for me. My family always had pets growing up (cats and dogs), so Iím a lifelong animal lover with a weakness for big (calm) dogs! Iíd love to add a puppy to my current household of 2 cats and with working here, that may just happen sooner than later!


Bill Pemberton, GM Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Operations
I was born and raised just around the corner in Springfield VA. I currently reside in Alexandria VA with my wife, 2 children (11yr & 8Yr), and our 1 yr. old Yellow Lab Milo. I am constantly amazed how full my calendar is with activities....which ultimately does not include my own....for which my title has evolved from just "Dad" to "Glorified Chauffeur" & "Cheerleader". I have spent a majority of my career working various roles in customer service and account/field operations on a national level with a major property & casualty insurance company. In my spare time I am an avid endurance sport athlete. I have competed in many marathons including the Marine Corp and Boston Marathon. I have most recently enjoyed the opportunity to train and compete in triathlons having raced at IronMan Florida with a future goal of qualifying for the championship race in Kona, HI. I am an active member in my community volunteering time with various programs. I truly enjoy working with youth and have participated in an active role as youth leader and coach in Soccer, Track & Field and Cross Country...with a focus on teamwork (what that really means) and ultimately to make sure they do not lose focus on the FUN!! I am excited to be a member of the Fur-Get Me Not team and look forward to the exciting adventure that awaits!!


Angelina Paniagua, Marketing Communications Manager
Born and raised in California, I moved to the DC area a few years ago and absolutely love both coasts! I'm delighted to combine my creative expertise with my adoration and respect for animals at Fur-Get Me Not. Some of my hobbies include playing with the sweetest Frenchie in the world named Gringo, dancing salsa, traveling, and doing freelance work in marketing, branding and social media projects. I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful pets!


Catherine Thompson-Kjesbu, HR Manager

Raul Carreras, FT Lead Office Manager - I am a 26 year old dog enthusiast from Woodbridge Virginia. I was raised in a family that loves animals, we've had everything from birds & hamsters to ducks and dogs. I studied Business and Marketing at Old Dominion University and have been working in Operations Management for the last 5 years. I have a 1 year old Lab Mix named Bogart that will be assisting us in the office as well! Before joining Fur-Get Me Not, I have occasionally worked as a dog walker and pet sitter, so I'm very excited to make a full time job out of dog care. I like to travel a lot so I understand what it feels like to leave your furry friend with someone you can trust, so I like to provide that kind of reassurance to our clients whether its for the day or and extended stay.
Sherry Andom, FT Office Manager - My name is Sherry, I'm originally from Egypt. I came to the US in 2008 with my family. I have a husky named Blue, who is a year and a half old - and looking to adopt another dog!
Mary McCoy, FT Office Manager - Born and raised in small town Michigan, I had the great luxury to be raised in pet friendly home. If we didn't have cats, we had dogs or visa versa. I am currently blessed to have my two rescued kittens living with me now. They are both precious and precocious. In our spare time when they're not demanding brushings, or pettings, or laser pointer time, we enjoy sitting on the couch reading or catching up on the next Marvel Movie. I'm excited to be part of Fur-Get Me Not Team and can't wait to meet you and your furry family member!
Page Overton, FT Office Manager - Hi there! I'm Page Overton, and I have owned dogs all my life and have been working with animals for the last 15 years. I have worked at shelters, rescues, and a farm. I have done pet sitting/dog walking since middle school, and more recently I worked as a vet tech/doctors assistant at Suburban Animal Hospital for 3 years before coming to work at Fur Get Me Not. I am currently getting back into school for pre vet and hoping to specialize in animal behavior and eventually working with therapy animals.
Laura Leatherman, PT Office Manager
I was born and raised in the northern Virginia area. I was never able to have a pet growing up, but the second I was able to get a dog, I did! Since then, my love of animals has grown more and more each day. I have a 1.5 year old German Shepherd who I credit for making me fall in love with animals!
Bethany Latham, PT Office Manager
Paul Wallace, PT Office Manager
Bella Authar, PT Office Manager
Latoya Lewis, PT Office Manager
Julie-Anne Quinn, PT Office Manager
Natalie Rowthorn, PT Office Manager
Hey, everyone! I'm Natalie, and I'm from Cleveland, OH. I recently moved to DC to pursue my master's at George Washington. I'm currently studying international affairs, and I'm particularly interested in gender policy and international law. I'm also a proud Hoosier and got my BA in journalism at Indiana University a few years ago. (The Midwest is cooler than you think.) I've always loved animals, and I grew up playing outside with my dog Rori, a Welsh Springer Spaniel and fellow ginger. She loved snuggles and would nudge you with her nose if you weren't giving her enough love. In high school, I volunteered at the Cleveland animal shelter and got to spend my days hanging out with so many amazing dogs and cats. I am excited to be a dog walker, and can't wait to make some new furry friends.

Daycare Team
Kourtney Montagne, Assistant Daycare Manager - My name is Kourtney! I grew up in the Northern Virginia area most of my life. Throughout my childhood I spend most of my time exploring the great outdoors. Catching small animals and insects and bringing them home to my mom was a big hobby of mine. Growing up around nature and animals has helped me realize that I wanted to pursue working with these creatures that fascinate me so much! I spent a few years at an animal hospital as the groomers assistant and kennel attendant. Shortly after, I became a supervisor at a dog daycare. Being around dogs and learning more about them has been very uplifting. I rescued my first dog Arlo a year ago and she has brought me so much joy in life! She is my best friend and she's spoiled rotten by my husband and me. In our spare time we like to explore outside or cuddle up at home and she will watch me play video games.
Alvaro Vilela, Assistant Daycare Manager - I was born in Peru. My family and I migrated to the US in '98. We first lived in Alexandria and in 2008 we moved to Lorton where I reside now. I have had dogs my whole life but I started working in Pet Care in 2010. I've worked as a bather, as a daycare attendant, and as a supervisor in a large daycare and boarding facility. I am very motivated to take care of pets and their families. I am so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful family and look forward to meeting you and your dog.
David Ford, Assistant Daycare Manager - 
Tasha Barnes - Originally from Hampton Roads, Iíve lived in Northern Virginia since college and currently work for a training company full time as an Analyst. I joined Fur-Get Me Not because Iím passionate about dogs and my work here gives me the opportunity to spend more time with them. I previously worked as a volunteer foster for a DC animal rescue, and even adopted my pomeranian, Milo, through the organization.
Ashley Lapham - I was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia. I've spent my whole life around animals and now I'm fortunate enough to be able to work with them. Dogs have always been my favorite, as a kid I would stop to pet every dog I saw. When I was about 10 years old I started pet sitting for my neighbors, looking after their cats and dogs while they were on vacation. When I was old enough to drive I would pet sit for my friends and extended family as well. My family has had many dogs of our own. They have all been of various breeds and were adopted from shelters. We have also had many other animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, frogs, and lizards. I'm very excited to be part of the Fur-Get Me Not team and continue doing what I love.
Sydney Khalaji - Hey! My name is Sy, and Iím an 18 year old student from Virginia Commonwealth University. I was born and raised in NOVA, and have grown up with all kinds of dogs, from pugs to small terriers to a ridgeback mix! Throughout the years, weíve also had an array of other pets, including fish, guinea pigs, and even some canaries! For fun I love to draw, sing, play ukulele, and do freelance photography. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to work with dogs every day, as Iíve always loved them and felt comfortable around them. I absolutely cannot wait to start making new puppy friends every day!
Emily Shelton - After 10 years of moving around for my husband's military career, we have finally settled in the northern Virginia area. I have always had a love of animals, and getting to play with dogs for a job is amazing! We have one senior lab at home, Kona, who is absolutely my baby. In my free time I also enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, and beer tasting at local breweries!
Nahom Solomon - 
Tazhawn Ingram - Born and raised on the D.C/Maryland border. I've loved animals for forever but I can't seem to get enough of dogs! I have one myself; my very energetic 1 yr old Labrador Retriever, Koda. I love her to pieces and spoil her as if she was my actual child. Working here has allowed both of us to be a part of a very fulfilling environment; she gets to play with other dogs all day and burn energy while I get to love on endless dogs including her.
Jennifer Beltran - Hi! My name is Jennifer. I was born & raised in NoVa & have been around animals most of my life! I currently have two schnoodles, who's names are Batman and Simba & a guinea pig who's name is Brownie. I have always been passionate about animals & eventually want to go back to school for Vet Tech. I am so lucky to be part of this team & to get to know all the dogs.
Emoni Wright - Hello my name is Emoni right and I was born in Washington DC but moved to Maryland. Shortly after graduating high school I started looking in professions that involve Animal Care expecially dog care. I then got my first job at a dog daycare where I became a floor attendant and soon became occasional coordinator also. My love for dogs is indescribable I can barely know the dog but feel there exact emotion. I starting my journey in community college towards become a veterinarian. I'm grateful that this path I'm walking blessed me with this opportunity to become a member of this talented and loving staff and member of the doggy family.
Lia Knowlton - Hello all, I was born in China and adopted at ten months old, to be raised in Arlington until my family moved to Nokesville. Now I've returned to Arlington and I'm ready to get back in the community. I am currently majoring in psychology but my current job at petsmart has me looking towards a future working in an exotic pet hospital. I absolutely believe that pets can make us better people if we take the time to understand and grow with them. I'm so fortunate to have grown up with pets all my life, and I know there is still so much more to learn. I currently have seven cats, one dog, four lizards, and four gerbils.
Meghan Atteberry - My name is Meghan but my friends call me Megs. I grew up in Breckenridge, Colorado snowboarding, racing horses and hiking 14ers with my dogs. I moved to the east coast about a year ago and have been loving it ever since! In my free time I find myself being outside, site seeing and hanging out with friends.
Monica Pleasant - Born and raised in Maryland as a pet fanatic, I will do anything to protect, care and love all animals! I have owned plenty of pets from dogs, birds, and snakes to rabbits, turtles and lizards. My love for animals will never stop, so I decided I could become a veterinarian. I am currently in school studying veterinary medicine to pursue my career. I hope to someday make a positive impact on animals and animal lovers by getting them off the street and to a better life!
Rebecca Waldrop - Hi! My name is Becca. I was born in Maryland and spent most of my life moving around as a Military Brat, but I consider Colorado and Virginia home. I have grown up around Poodles, Chickens, sheep and Alpacas and was fortunate enough to have volunteered at a Wolf rescue and habitat in Colorado. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my four-leg​​ged boys Zach and Cody and enjoying the outdoors.
Jeffrey Bean - I'm 22 years old and have 3 fur babies that I enjoy going home to everyday. Cesar, Zoe, and Angel who are full of curiosity and unconditional love, are my partners in crime and my family. In all honesty, I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without them. I enjoy playing video games and also coaching and playing football. I've been around animal's all my life, it's only necessary I become a member of a kind, care giving family. I hope to continue my career with my pack, here at fur get me not, not only so I can contribute to our pet friendly families, but so I can give care to pets themselves.
Bereda Feyissa - 
Melina Villarroel Obando - 

DC Dog Wash Team
Rachel Barter, DC Office Manager/Dog Wash - Originally from Western New York, and most recently hailing from San Diego, I have lived in DC the past 3 years, 2 of which I spent watching and walking pets, mostly dogs. While in San Diego, I fostered dogs that were being rescued and volunteered at an adoption agency. While living conditions do not currently permit me to keep a dog, I have always loved them and have had a special relationship with them. In order to keep them in my life I began volunteering, and now I am excited to be working with them as part of my daily routine. I have one pet, a cat, Abby, whom I adopted from one of the agencies of my volunteer days. She has been a great companion, even learning to walk on a leash during our great roadtrip from California to DC. Having a background in hospitality, customer service and animals has led me perfectly piqued to begin an exciting new career with Fur Get Me Not. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Elisabeth Betancourt, DC Office Manager/Dog Wash - I am originally from a small little town named Columbus in North Carolina. I have been in the DC/VA area for a little more than a year. I luckily have had the chance to grow up with a variety of animals and love giving belly rubs, going on walks, and cuddling with my furry friends. I thoroughly adore my handsome little beagle and understand the importance of great, loving care. Whether it is a cat, dog, fish or gerbil they are all our friends and part of the family.
Evroy Marrett - I was originally born in Montego Bay, Jamaica but then moved to Orlando, Fl back in 91; I know--itís been a long time. I attended the University of Florida where I earned my B.S. degree in Hospitality Management in 2009. Afterwards, I moved back home to Orlando but wanted to shake things up, embark on some challenging endeavors, and immerse myself in a new environment. As a result, I moved to DC in August 2011 where I began my new life as an Notre Dame Mission Volunteer/AmeriCorp member working with U.S. Dream Academy which is a Non-profit aiming to direct underprivileged inner-city youth away from a life of incarceration (where their close family members currently reside) by pressing the importance of academics, implementing effective programming, character building, skill building, and dream building. I've always loved pets and currently have a Shih Tzu (Benji) who is four years old. I plan on attending graduate school (not sure where as of yet) and grow as a professional in an educational, non-profit, or human resource development capacity while serving youth and helping Fur-Get Me Not grow as a whole. I'm excited for this opportunity and look forward to being a part of the Fur-Get Me Not family.
Margurette Awad - Originally from North Carolina, I moved to the DC metro area about 7 years ago. It was meant to be a temporary living location, as I love to travel, but I fell in love with the area and immediately felt at home. My love of animals extends all the way back to my childhood - my mom loves to tell the story of how my sisters and I coaxed a stray cat out of a tree and gave it a better life at our country home. The best part of the story is that we all used to cuddle up with mom (and the cat) each night in the rocking chair before bed. Unfortunately, I don't have a rocking chair or a cat to continue that tradition, so that's why I decided to join Fur-Get Me Not. In addition to dog walking and pet-sitting, I'm also working towards my CPDT-KA. I've studied animal behaviorism with Debbie Winkler/Humane Domain and look forward to continuing my training education here at FGMN. And one day soon, I'll have my very own pup. In the mean time, I'll love yours as you do!
Manuel Betancourt - I am originally from Pasadena, CA and moved to DC January 2014. I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.A. in History. Prior to moving to DC, I was stationed in North Carolina serving in the Army for 4 years. Currently, I work at Coast Guard Headquarters as a Program Analyst. I am excited to have the opportunity to work at the Dog Wash and meet a variety of different dogs. I have always loved interacting with dogs and figuring out each of their different personalities. My fiancťe and I have a Beagle puppy named Kirby who loves to play with all types of dogs, but especially ones more than twice his size! Again, I am excited to meet you and your wonderful dogs at the Adam's Morgan Dog Wash!

Dog Walking Team
Malee Oot - I have done a little of everything here-- working in the daycare, as a dog walker, and as a pet sitter. I have been working toward a Masters in Environmental Management and FGMN has been a great place to work when I am not studying. I spent most of my childhood living outside the United States, mostly in Thailand, Kenya, and Nepal. We have always had an assortments of animals too, including growing up with three Golden Retrievers, one Nepali street mutt, cats, a guinea pig, a turtle, and an owl. I have also been a foster parent for a portly yellow lab, and mostly recently to badly abused coonhound mix named Cash. After my 15 year old Golden passed away this summer, my most recent foster Cash has become a permanent fixture in my house (and on my couch!). In my spare time I love hiking with Cash, kayaking, biking, and listening to NPR.
Scott Colson - Originally from South Dakota, I am happy to be living and working in Virginia. I love walking and spending time with my four legged friends. I adopted a four year old yellow lab named Colby. Colby makes sure that my day begins and ends with†a stroll from my best friend.
Gretchen Ashby - Iíve lived in Arlington almost my entire life and currently live in the house I grew up in with my wonderful husband and our three adorable dogs. Theyíre sisters, adopted as puppies from an animal shelter in Hilton Head, SC, where my mother lives. People thought we were crazy, but teething was a breeze Ė they chewed on each other! Iíve had dogs all my life and learn something from each and every one of them and know that I will continue to learn from every dog I get to know. This is my first opportunity to work with animals and I'm excited!
April Michelle-Lilley - I have lived in Arlington, Virginia for 23 years having moved here after graduating from Penn State University. You can say dog walking is my third career. I have spent time in corporate America working for several of the largest health insurance companies in the country. I just finished a 14 year career in retail working for one of the largest booksellers in the country. And now I venture into a career I have been thinking about doing since I rescued Riley, my black lab/hound mix, 4 years ago. Riley is my second dog I have owned. My first dog was an English Springer Spaniel, named Bridget, that I got for my 9th birthday. That dog was the ultimate family dog. It was love at first sight with Riley, although at the time he was owned by a friend of mine. When it didn't work out with my friend, I knew I had to have Riley. He was definitely a handful when I first got him, but he has settled down now and is awesome. I look forward to meeting all the other awesome dogs out there as we enjoy our walks together.
Trish Flynn - Growing up in McLean, my family always had many dogs Ė from Cockapoos to Collies. I have rescued several feral cats from the street and socialized them to become great pets and placed them in good homes. More recently, my favorite dog was my brotherís golden retriever, who I took on countless hiking trips and, really, anywhere there was water. She has since passed away, and I know the furry client of Fur-Get Me Not will become my new best buddies.
Clare Koller - I'm an animal lover who's lived in Alexandria and Arlington for the past 11 years. I love animals of all stripes but especially dogs. I love seeing dogs out and about in people-world, particularly in cars because I think that's adorable! I'm a breed aficionada and I enjoy recognizing breeds and the breed histories of mixed-breed dogs. I also love wildlife and search them out around the area just to be around them. I live in Arlington with my husband and our three parakeets, Butterbean, Squash and Little One. I look forward to spending quality time with your pups!
Shawn Dredge - I was born in Laramie, Wyoming and raised in Arlington, Virginia, and I've continued to live and work in the northern Virginia area. My pet care philosophy is to care for my clients' pets as if they're my own, and I think the dogs I walk appreciate it. When I'm not dog walking or pet sitting, I work part-time in Construction/Demolition. Some of my hobbies are ice hockey, watching college football, listening to music, and golf.
Mike Freeborn - My name is Michael Freeborn, Mike for short. Iíve been living in Arlington most of my life. Iím twenty years old, I graduated from Bishop OíConnell, I am now attending Marymount University with a major in Communications. Iíve been working with pets for almost 9 years now. I was 13 when Pearl, a beautiful white family cat we'd had since I was a baby passed away. Since then our household has been pet free. That never stopped me from getting along with animals. I loved going to pet stores to spend time with animals without homes yet, I made my neighbors pets feel like my own, and I made sure the house they were staying in felt lived in so the pets were not so lonesome. I enjoy listening and playing music and the animals seem to be entertained by it too. Music, play time, and smiles are what Iím good at and I want to make all pets and their owners feel comfortable knowing that their furry friends are happy. I am happy to meet your beloved pets.
Blaise Stasiewicz - I was born and raised here in the Northern Virginia area, mostly Alexandria. I grew up with lots of animals including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, turtles and a hampster or two. I grew up with two sisters, my father is a dentist and my mother was a positive reinforcement dog trainer. I would go to classes with her, help her take care of the dogs and play with them whenever possible. I love all types of animals and enjoy spending time walking, playing and relaxing with them. I'm currently living with my dog Brieo, an Ibizan Hound, at my place in Alexandria. He's about 8 years old, 46 lbs and has the energy of a 2 year old puppy. I'm looking forward to meeting all the nice and friendly furry faces that the area has to offer.
Shetara Brown - Hello, my name is Shetara Brown. I was born and raised in Arlington,VA. I still live in Arlington with my husband and two sons. Growing up I loved animals and still do. I have owned many pets when I was younger such as cats, dogs, hamsters and many more. Currently I have two leopard geckos and a bearded dragon. I use to work as a lifeguard in high school and then worked in childcare. I am outgoing and enjoy being outside. As a dog walker and pet sitter I will take care of the clients' pets as if they were my own. I am very excited to work as at Fur-Get Me Not and I look forward to meeting you and your pets.
Catryna Garay - I've lived in Northern VA all of my life and love it, of course. I was raised in a family that has been involved with the SPCA for about 20 years. I have been around animals since the day I was born. When I was a kid, my parents had two cats and also fostered cats. So walking dogs is a great escape from being around cats all day! My family and I had a rescued dog, Dixie, for 13 years that recently passed away in December 2012. She had a lot of temperament issues but I still loved her even with all her flaws. It's great getting to spend time with different types of dogs all day; it doesn't even feel like work to me!
Lucy McCausland - I have relocated back to Arlington after almost 3 years in the Gainesville, FL area. It's great to be back! My husband & I have had Jack Russells for years, and currently describe ourselves as "being between Jack Russells". However, I do not discriminate....I really love all dogs. I have had cats & horses, as well, over the course of the years, so the animal spectrum in my life has been broad. While in Gainesville, I had an opportunity to volunteer as a dog-walker at the Humane Society there. Such a gratifying experience; those dogs really appreciate and deserve all the extra attention they get while on their walks. I am excited to be able to join the FGMN team & walk some of the best dogs anywhere!
Lissa Fried - I grew up in the borough of Queens New York City which very much resembles the areas surrounding Washington DC. My family always had dogs, some large, that were like brothers and sisters. I always had a deep love of horses and found ways to be near them as much as possible in spite of being a city dweller. As an independent adult I developed a deep affection for cats and for more than 10 years had a CFA registered cattery with a partner. We bred, raised and showed pure bred Abyssinians, a highly affectionate and energetic breed of shorthairs. It was a labor of love. About 8 plus years ago I rescued a young feral stray cat from my back yard. She was quite a wild thing at the time. She is now a spoiled house cat. We live happily ever after.
Megan Sullivan - Iím originally from Vermont, where I grew up with a menagerie of animals. Both personally and professionally Iíve had a lot of experience caring for a variety of animals, all of which has been rewarding. My family still has two dogs and a horse, all of which I Skype with regularly. Since I started living in DC I havenít been able to keep an animal, so Iím very thankful to have a position that allows me to interact and care for other peopleís pets.
Dorothee Arnold - Hello, Iím Dorothee. It is a pleasure caring for your pet; I adore animals. All my life, I have dogs and I cannot imagine not having a pet. Pets are a member of the family, and they are to be treated with respect, unconditional love and care. I came to Arlington from France at the age of 4 and I attended Arlington Public Schools. Upon graduating I attended my first years at the American University in Puebla, Mexico. I returned to the area and graduated from George Washington University. Am I bilingual or trilingual? Yes, I speak Spanish and I understand menu French. I am able to speak affectionate terms into your petís ears. Thank you for entrusting your love to me.
Michaele Moffett - Hi there! My name is Michaele and I am so happy to have the opportunity to care for your li'l one (or big one)! A DC native, I've grown up surrounded by animals; my brother and I have had dogs since we were small and played with our friend's cats for years. Once a young adult, I began to foster cats, eventually adopting one lovable furry pal. I still occasionally visit the Animal Welfare League to shower some affection on those who are still waiting for a forever home and I would love to shower some on your li'l loved one!
Robin Clay - I was born and raised in Alexandria, VA. I have always been a natural with animals, my favorite being dogs. I grew up with a German shepherd and my grandparents also had a cat. I have worked a job in a pet friendly building for 5 years which has taught me so much about dogs and their different personalities. The dogs I have walked and sat for quickly become close friends. I truly enjoy and look forward to taking care of your animals as if they were my own.
K.C. Becker - Hi, I'm K.C. I was born and raised in Iowa and moved to DC this year. Prior to moving to DC I lived in Florida, with my beloved dog CeCe, for 9 years. While in Florida I ran my own pet concierge business. I look forward to providing the same great service to all of my new customers in DC.
Phoebe Inviere - I've lived in Northern Virginia since I was ten years old, moving from my parents' house in Arlington to Falls Church and then to Alexandria, where I live now with my wife Kelly, our two cats, and our turtle. Growing up, my family always had at least one dog, and I used to love taking my childhood dog, Tippy, on long walks through Arlington. I still help look after my parents' dog and cat, and I firmly believe in looking after my clients' pets with as much care as if they were my own. When I'm not dog walking, I am studying IT at Western Governors University.
Beatriz Roa - I was born, raised, and have been living in the same house in Arlington, VA for 35yrs. I grew up in a household that always had a pet dog. My love for animals grew as I got older. In 2006, I was diagnosed with Thyriod Cancer. During my first year of treatment, I needed companionship while I stayed at home and my husband was at work. That is when we welcomed our Chihuahuas, Reyna and Papo, into our family. As a cancer survivor of 10yrs, I can thank my furry children and my husband for helping me get through a tough time in life. Over the years, Iíve become an advocate for dog adoptions. Last November we fostered a Chiweenie that was abandoned at a park with his siblings. The family that originally took him in could no longer care for him. This is when my husband and I decided to foster him and he became a foster fail. We welcomed him to our family and named him Tito. Dogs mean the world to me whether they are my own or not (they come before my husband, but shhh, donít tell him). I treat all of them as if they were my own.
Michael McLaughlin - Hello! I live in Alexandria and I am a dog and cat lover who loves giving attention to people's dogs and cats. I have been a cat owner for 14 years and before that, living in rural Virginia, met and made friends with many animals over the years. I love giving dogs attention and affection because they always seem so happy to receive it and make a new friend! Animals have always been a big part of my family starting out when I was a baby, we had a Siamese cat, a Cairn Terrier and a Golden Retriever in a small house all at the same time! I love taking care of animals and have a freshwater aquarium as well (my cats enjoy the aquarium too!) I love organic food and jogging as well as music and reading. After lots of work, I earned a history degree from Marymount University. I just got a second cat last year via a cat rescue program.
Noel McNeil - After meeting my first dog (a German Shepherd/Collie mix) at the age of 5, I developed what would become a lifelong love of animals. In the decades since, I have worked with a variety of pets including dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and reptiles, with a focus on abused/neglected, abandoned, and rescued animals. I am currently the caretaker for a 7 year old rescued corn snake.
Olivia Oehser - Hello! My name is Olivia. I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining the Fur-Get Me Not team, and to have the chance to work one on one with animals everyday! I was born and raised in Arlington. I grew up around animals of all kinds, everything from dogs and cats to horses and goats. Right now I have two pets, my 12 year old Rottie girl, Lilly, and my 2 year kitty cat named Momo. I'm currently studying at NOVA, and I hope to transfer to a four school soon to earn my Bachelors in art history. When I'm not working or studying I'm usually making costumes, or in my kitchen baking.
Chase Chichester - I'm originally from Charlotte, NC, but have lived in Annandale for the past 15 years. I've always had dogs as pets. Lucy, my current dog, is a rescue who we picked up when we went to the pet store to get a fish for my daughter. I have several years experience working in veterinary hospitals in administrative roles, but always wanted to spend more time with the animals.
Lisa Culver - My dream of moving from a long-time high-stress desk job to one working with animals was realized by taking an early retirement and moving to a job with Fur-Get Me Not. I live in North Arlington with two dogs, Gracie Juanita and Sophie Louise. I canít imagine not having a beating heart or two to greet me when I come home. My home has become known as Camp Culver over the years due the numerous pups that come to stay when my friends are away and I also watch 2 cats for a neighbor in her home. I was a foster for Bully Paws Rescue until I became what is affectionately known as a foster failure and adopted my 4th foster. I have volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah taking dogs for outings and overnights to evaluate their readiness for adoption and assisting a trainer in dog behavior evaluations. My passion for animals has expanded in the past couple of years to include pigs, goats and chickens at a Farm Sanctuary. I love getting to know animals as individuals with unique personalities. I look forward to applying this to the clients of Fur-Get Me Not!
Laura Delgado - I recently learned from my mother that my passion for cats was passed down from a grandfather I never knew. Moreover, the cat he kept in his home when my mother was a girl was a tuxedo cat, just like my two rescue cats. I started caring for stray cats as a child, long before I knew anything about animal welfare organizations, and consider myself so lucky to be married to a man who also cares about and enjoys the company of cats and dogs. Currently Earnest is in Texas keeping my elderly parents company and, while we understand how important he is to my parents and their general well-being, my husband and I still miss our feline friend. Joining Fur-Get Me Not was the only logical step for me to get my feline fix and make new doggie friends.
Maksim Kochura - Hello! My name is Max. I was born in a country which doesn't exist any longer - the Soviet Union. I graduated from high school there and entered the Agricultural University in Voronezh, Russia, where I studied veterinary medicine. After graduation I worked with a lot of different animals, studied zoopsychology. So, I want to work with pets here, in the United States, as I do not imagine myself without it.
Kevin Kramer - Hi! I'm 23, was born and raised in Arlington, and have been living with pets all my life. I've had many dogs over the years, and currently have one, a 15 year old beagle mix named Peaches. As I've always enjoyed being around animals, working with them at Fur-Get Me Not seems like the perfect fit, as well as a great pleasure.
Toni Ross - I am thrilled to be on the team at Fur-Get Me Not. I grew up in Michigan around dogs, cats and farm animals. I am an Army Veteran, and love living in the DMV area; as a history junkie, there are countless things to see and do! I have a graduate degree in Liberal Studies focusing on Global Strategies and am a serious Nationals baseball fan. As an active volunteer in my community, I support food banks, charity fundraisers, and actively participate in Veteransí organizations. I have been a cat owner (or employed by my cats!) for many years. Presently, my ďCat Pack,Ē both pound kitties, are three years old. Itty Bitty Kitty is a dilute calico and my slinky Persian Blue is called Baseball Velcro. My hectic schedule doesnít allow me to have a dog, however, I get a lot of dog love from my friendsí dog children. I have walked dogs, visited cats, chauffeured pets to the groomers and the vet off and on for the past 15 years. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your fur kids!
Anna Strasburger - I'm an Arlington native who also has a home in Los Angeles who LOVES animals! I currently have a 3 year old dilute tortoiseshell cat named Olive and a 16 year old long haired orange tabby named Catherine. I'm a big believer in not only treating animals like you would yourselves but also as you would your loved ones. I know mine are a big part of my life and are very important to me. I'm so happy to be working here helping to make sure that all of our furry friends get all the care and love they deserve. I also work in the holistic and alternative health field, so being able to also be around all the animals and get outside is really a great addition. I've been pet sitting/dog walking and being around all kinds of animals since I was in fifth grade and have had all kinds of pets myself. Really I just Love animals!​
Adonnys Medrano - My name is Adonnys Medrano. I've lived in Northern Virginia my whole life. Originally raised in Annandale, then moved to Lorton, and now currently reside in Burke. Ever since I can remember I've had some sort of pet. Cats, birds and dogs. I currently have 2 cats and 2 German Shepherds that I adore greatly. I don't think I'll ever be able to live somewhere without a dog. I currently am attending NVCC and plan on transferring to GMU or if opportunity arises, study abroad.
Brittany Shatto - I was born and raised in Springfield Virginia my entire life. I live with my family and 2 dogs. My family and I have always had dogs or cats in our home. At a young age I realized that my passion is to take care of animals. Anytime that I meet an animal I always seen to bond with them right away. I just love all animals and would love to meet your fuzzy friends.
Josh Granadeno - My name is Josh Granadeno. I have lived in Arlington Virginia my entire life. I am 22 years old, I graduated from Yorktown high school and I am currently taking classes at Nova. I love animals and have had pets my entire life. I currently have three cats and in the past I owned a dog and a ferret. I occasionally pet sit for a family friend and I really enjoy it. I will treat the dogs that I walk and the animals that I pet sit as if they are my own. I look forward to meeting your pets.
Michael Skelly - 
Windyn Hines - I love animals of all shapes and sizes (and species!) In my home I have cats and house rabbits. They all get along very well! Born and raised in beautiful Albuquerque, NM, I now find myself enjoying living in the nation's capital. I am a lover of... Being outdoors- walking, bird-watching, gardening...A lover of arts and crafts- I enjoy sewing pet beds and blankets as well as human frocks and collared shirts...A lover of culture and food- I have a masters degree in Asian Studies and I speak Bahasa Indonesian and Spanish as well as beginning Mandarin Chinese. I enjoy cooking most 1) soup noodle and 2) Indonesian fried rice. I am thrilled to join the FGMN team as a dog-walker and am excited to walk and care for your dog as if it was my own!
Dale Shepard - I am originally from Rochester, Ny but now reside in Washington, D.C. Graduated from Gallaudet University in 1995 with degree in Physical Education. I love animals especially dogs are my favorite!
Amber McCauley - I am originally from Richmond, VA but moved up to Alexandria in 2013 to attend George Mason University. I have been around, and in love with, animals my whole life, sounds clichťÖI knowÖbut itís true!! Fresh out of high school, I started as a biology major wanting to become a Veterinarian at a school in Ashland, VA. I took vet science classes, volunteered with an animal shelter, groomed/cared for dogs in my neighborhood, etc. Then after two years I became interested in Computer Forensics and am currently an IT major and business minor at GMU. I have two cats of my own and a ball python. My 4-year-old cat, Mario (pictured), is a rescue, which I found just around the corner from my house and is now fat and happy! I also have a 2-year-old cat, Matrix, who we adopted from Petco and has one eye due to an infection when he was younger. Lastly, my ball python, Lucifer, is awesome as well, and is a great asset to any party, but for some reason everyone fears himÖ Besides that, I love all animals, treat them as if they were my own, and I am looking forward to working with yours!
Jeremiah Koch - 
Carlos Almanza - 
Michiyo Vaughan - Hi, I am originally from Kobe, Japan, and I have also lived in Singapore and Ithaca, New York. I love dogs! I had pet dogs most of my life ó a cute Yorkie, a beautiful mix, and a German Shepherd that became an award-winning police dog. Although I donít have one now, my husband and I enjoy greeting all the dogs in our neighborhood when we go for our daily walk in Del Ray. I had my own business as a legal consultant in Japan, and I also have degrees in Human Services and Social Work. I have done volunteering at a senior daycare center and at a public school as a teacher's assistant for special needs children. Helping to care for those people was extremely rewarding for me, and now I am humbled, excited and privileged to be trusted with the care of my neighbors' beloved pets.
Joey Garcia - I live in the Silver Spring area. I love playing with and walking dogs. I grew up always having cats and currently have 3 of them. I would love to have a dog of my own someday but until then I'll just have to hang out with your dogs!
Kirsi Chavez - 
Ashley Gaillard -  Iím originally from Sarasota, Florida but Iíve been in DC since 2010. Iím a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and Georgetown Law. I live and work full time in DC as a legal analyst for a non-profit. Most importantly, Iím a fellow dog lover and proud owner of two beautiful Canaan dogs, Panda and Laika. You might run into our pack of four hiking and camping in Shenandoah, or rollerblading along the Anacostia river trail.
Cynthia Villarroel - 
Sarah Luby - I was born and raised in Minnesota and have traveled to Arlington to attend graduate school. I owned a dog growing up and I also worked as a house and pet sitter throughout my entire life. I am super comfortable around animals and they have always been happy spending time with me! Animals and I have always been a good match. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your pet!
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Pet Sitting Team
Gianna Nicosia - I have been working for Fur-get Me Not for quite awhile. You may have seen me at the front desk of the office, answering your phone calls and emails. You may also notice I have done one of your pet taxis or pet sits. I started with Fur-Get Me Not back in 2004 as a dog walker and pet sitter. Over time I transitioned into different positions and I am now working as one of the Office Managers. I have loved being part of the Fur-Get Me Not family. My coworkers and the clients keep me laughing and smiling throughout the day. Not only do I get to see so many different dogs everyday, but I get to bring my own dog with me to work. I was born in Western New York, but pretty much was raised in Northern Virginia. Our household always had pets like an Iguana, Hamsters, a Cocker Spaniel, Cats, and a Bunny. I have always been an animal lover, and have been fortunate enough to live in places where pets are allowed. After losing my 16 year old Cocker in March 2009, I decided to bring another pup into my home, and adopted Charlie that following Summer. Charlie is a Sheltie mix who was adopted from A Forever Home Rescue. He is my very first puppy that I have owned on my own, and I couldn't be happier. Charlie and I both love the outdoors, especially swimming. In our spare time we are often at the dog park, hiking, or camping in the Shenandoah. Hopefully I will get the chance to meet you and your pets! Come by the office and say hi to me...and Charlie!
Rebekah Hester - Hi there! I am a native Washingtonian that has been working with FGMN since 2005. I started as an Office Manager and then transitioned to Pet Sitter in 2008. I work full time in Old Town Alexandria for Fransmart, the franchise development company that brought Five Guys to the masses. FGMN is a family I am proud to be a member of and I honestly canít imagine myself not working for them. Iíve grown to know and love so many pets and pet owners over the years that it would just be unthinkable. I take a lot of pride in my work and will take wonderful care of your pets so you can have a stress free time away from home.
Amanda Scharff - Born and raised in McLean, VA and going to college at George Mason University I am born and raised in the DMV. I've always been an animal lover and rescue supporter. Recently moving from a full time Business Development Coordinator I am currently working towards my chef hat I look forward to taking care of as many animals as possible. Taking care of your pets are my top priority and I will always put them first.
Sabrina Sheth - I am originally from Michigan, but have been living in the DC area for 9 years now. I currently live in Arlington, Virginia with my boyfriend and two dogs. Taylor is a 6 year old lab, husky, border collie mix and Reilly is a 2 year old King Shepherd. Combined they weigh almost 180lbs! Needless to say, I get a lot of stares when I am out walking them both. While I work full time selling advertising, my passion is dogs. I love being around all kinds of animals, especially dogs. I decided to become a dog walker because it brings me such joy being around them. Since I don't have room for any more dogs at home, this is the next best thing. I look forward to meeting yours!
Doug Grenier - Hi! I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and I have lived in Arlington, VA for most of my life. As a member of a foreign service family, I have also lived in Algeria and Islamabad, Pakistan, where I attended middle school. I recently graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, where I received a B.A. in Theatre/Film, with a minor in French. I love dogs very much; they are my favorite animals. My first dog was a beagle named Isabelle, whom I nicknamed Izzy (which certainly suited her personality!). After she passed away, I got another beagle whom I named Chandler. He's a very sweet little dog. When I am not hanging with Chandler, I do data entry and Internet research at a small documentary production company in Georgetown. I am also studying for certification in web design. My interests include FILM, music, travel, reading, and enjoying the great outdoors with four-legged friends.
Jessica Gonzalez - My name is Jessica Gonzalez. I am currently studying Criminal Justice Forensic Science at Marymount University. I hate seeing bad people doing bad things, especially to dogs. When I was younger, I read a lot of stories on people making dogs fight for money. I asked my dad why someone so cruel would do this to an animal that shows nothing but love. As a little girl, I begged and begged my father to adopt a dog for me. In 2005, my dad heard about some chow chow mixed puppies that were going to be euthanized because they were near death. My dad adopted one named Chewy; he managed to survive with tender loving care. I learned so much about dogs from Chewy. I promise to give the dogs in the daycare the tender loving care they deserve.
Kate Collins - Born and raised in Alexandria surrounded by dogs and a current resident of Arlington with a black lab/pit bull rescue puppy, Kate canít imagine not being in this area and especially the dog-friendly Shirlington neighborhood. Kate is a graduate of Susquehanna University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business. In addition to her love of animals, she is an enthusiastic fan of Washington, DC area sports Ė both college and professional -- and enjoys exploring DCís diverse nightlife with friends.
Suzanne Vargas - I was born in Washington State but moved to Northern VA when I was 6 years old. I grew up in Prince William County but currently live in Annandale. When I was little, my sister and I would take care of the neighborhood cat. Pretending it was our own and even sneaking the cat into the house at times. As I got older I have had dogs, hamsters, mice, frogs, and a fish as pets. Currently, I do not own a pet but would like to have a dog when I purchase my own place. I do take care of my sisterís cats and dogs when she and her family are away. Iím really excited and happy to be a dog walker and I look forward to meeting all the different dog personalities along the way.
Jennifer Rosalsky - I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, lots of space to run, big fenced in backyard and of course animals. I have had dogs all of my life, usually two at a time. I went to Pastry school in Rhode Island and have a Bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. I always say that while I chose baking, animals chose me. I moved to the D.C. area in the summer of 2012 with my boyfriend and black lab mix Springer. Since then our family has grown, we now have a Shiba-Inu/German Sheppard mix named Kuma and we just adopted a cat who we named Gelato. I am excited to have found a new career in which I can bring joy to the dogs I care for, as well as receive an immeasurable amount of happiness while doing so.
Rachael Bohlander - I was born in Cleveland, raised in Detroit, moved around some more, but now D.C. is home. I grew up with two Labs and my parents still have our wonderful Golden. My schedule isn't very doggie-friendly these days, but I have my cats and working for FurGetMeNot the next best thing to having a dog at home. I am a photographer, specializing in urban documentary work, travel, and concert photography/videography, and artist. I also manage several social media accounts for clients and am the primary contributor to a motorcycle blog.
Shanice Jones - Hey!!!! I was born and raised in Washington, DC where most of my life until college I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I spent most of my high school/college years volunteering at animal shelters whenever I could and taking care of my familyís animals. I also worked at an awesome veterinary clinic where I was the Animal Caretaker for about 3 years taking care of cats and dogs and itís also where I adopted my baby (old) cat Shug Knight. Shug has been my traveling partner from college on back and Iím excited to soon add more to our pet family. I went to college for Veterinary Medicine but changed to study Theatre and Music along the way. Though I still found ways to incorporate animals into my life, for ex. performing at a colonial farm during the summer and taking care of the farm animals from horses to hogs! I will receive my Masters of Business Administration in April 2014 and will work towards opening up my own Animal Clinic in the future.
Lisa Votraw - I have lived in Northern Virginia for almost 6 years. I've had pets my whole life and have always loved animals. I've spent several years volunteering with shelters and rescue groups in several different states. I also studied animal behavior as an undergrad. I know how stressful it can be to leave a pet at home for even a short while. I hope to be able to relieve some of that stress by letting you feel reassured that your precious pets are being well cared for in the comfort of their own home.
Renica Ciervo - Hi, my name is Renica! I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I graduated from Washington-Lee High School, and I currently study online. I have always been a dog lover. Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted dogs. In 2009, I finally got two dogs of my own. They were Pit-Bull-Terriers, and they were very feisty. My dogs always brightened my day. Dogs are such a joy to be around, and I enjoy working with them. I enjoy working with all types of breeds, big or small! I am glad to have found a place in Fur-Get Me Not.
Breanna Lyon - Born and raised in Arlington, VA. I have two pets, Henry my 6 year old Australian Cattle Mix and Otto the 8 year Mini Schnauzer. Iíve always found caring for animals to be rewarding. Iíve had a ton growing up and also babysat for friends and family when they were away!
Elisabeth Betancourt - I am originally from a small little town named Columbus in North Carolina. I have been in the DC/VA area for a little more than a year. I luckily have had the chance to grow up with a variety of animals and love giving belly rubs, going on walks, and cuddling with my furry friends. I thoroughly adore my handsome little beagle and understand the importance of great, loving care. Whether it is a cat, dog, fish or gerbil they are all our friends and part of the family.
Carolyn Lilly - Hello, my name is Carolyn and I have been living in this area my whole life, having been born in Vienna Va. I currently attend Marymount University where I study Sociology and play soccer. I have been surrounded by dogs my entire life, a yellow lab named Riley when I was younger and currently a very loving black lab named Isaac. He loves his daily walks and lives for puppy treats. My love for animals has grown through having these two dogs. I can not wait to meet your pets through Fur-Get Me Not!
Rick Rogers - Hi everyone. I'm Rick and I have lived in NW Washington DC since 1989. I was born on a dairy farm in upstate New York, not far from Vermont. Among the menagerie of animals on the farm were dogs, cats, goats, cows, and rabbits. Living is downtown DC is quite different but I love it. I am gentle, caring, and good with animals. I do not have any pet biases. My current pet, a cat named Richard, is just over 1 year old and was born deaf. Sooo cute and such a good boy. my previous pet Reggie was with me for just shy of 20 years and he was totally blind and such a treasure. I am so lucky to have them. I look forward to meeting your pet and assisting you as much as I can.
Elizabeth Solorzano - Hey there! My name is Liz and I have lived in Northern Virginia my whole life. I am a recent graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in Hospitality Management. When I am not planning conferences you can usually find me on a run, at the gym or on Instagram looking at cute puppies. I am excited to be a part of such an amazing team that loves animals as much as I do!
Carlyta Saldana - Originally from the west coast of Michigan, but moved to North Carolina after college. Now, I'm lucky to have called Alexandria home for the last 2 years. Currently while I'm not nannying for a very active, yet wonderful 5 year old, I'm pursuing my graduates degree in early childhood development. There might not be a light at the end of that tunnel just yet, hanging out with pups during the day brings added joy and normalcy to my life. I've grown up with dogs of all sizes ranging from a Chihuahua Dachshund (Katie) to our Samoyed (Frosty) and I'm missed them terribly since leaving for school/ the real world.
Katharine Klein - Hi! I am originally from Chicago, IL, and moved to DC about 4 years ago to take a full-time position in a non-profit organization. I have been told I have the same personality as my west highland terrier, Toby, since I have a lot of energy but can have just as much fun people watching on a lazy Sunday. I am very excited to be a part of the FGMN team and look forward to caring for your pets!
Penelope Talleur - Penelope is an pet lover to her core. As a 'teen she worked for the American Bird Company, formerly of Falls Church Virginia, handling, caring for and training exotic cage birds. At home she took care of Blue and Gold and Great Green Macaws, a Mastiff, Golden Retriever, and several cats. At present she owns a rowdy Sun Conure that requires TLC daily. Penelope is an up-and-coming training stunt actor with the DC Stunt Coalition and a graduate of Westwood College with an Associates degree in graphic art design.
Cara Hill - Hello! My name is Cara Hill. I was born and raised in upstate New York and moved to DC a year ago to work as a Sonographer at Children's National Medical Center. My love for pets is what sparked me to enter the world of dog walking. I understand the importance of trusting someone to care for your pets, as I have always had a pet until I moved to DC a year ago. Pets bring so much joy to my life, but unfortunately the apartment I am currently living in does not allow them. Without a doubt, having the opportunity to work with your pets will put a smile on my face.
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