Pet Sitting

Would my pet benefit from in-home pet sitting?
Many pets are comforted by a consistent routine at home when their parents are away. Let us provide uninterrupted care for your cat, dog, bird, hamsters, or other small animal which includes:

  • morning and/or evening visits
  • provide food and fresh water
  • interact, walk, and play with your pet
  • clean up your pet's litter box or cage
  • medication, if necessary at no additional charge
  • water house plants and bring in newspapers and mail
  • feed fish at no additional charge
  • daily journal documenting our care
  • add a midday dog walk or chose an overnight option

Cats in particular are not as social as our canine companions and exhibit stress when they are away from their home enviornment. If you have a cat that requires routine medication or is diabetic, then in-home pet sitting is a much better option than boarding your cats at a kennel.

Dogs that are timid, shy, or overly reactive to other dogs and would not be suitable for a dog daycare and boarding option, would benefit from in-home pet sitting services while you travel.

How long are the visits?
All pet sits are a standard 30 minute visit. This includes the amount of time it requires the sitter to enter the home, feed the cat, clean the litter box, engage the cat with a little activity, or leash up the dog, go for a walk, provide fresh water or a treat per your request, return the dog to the location they were found (ie crate, bedroom etc), administer medication if needed, bring in the mail and newspaper, feed fish (at no charge), and leave you a daily journal with details about the visit.

What time are the visits conducted?
We conduct pet sits before 10am and after 4pm. Optional midday dog walks can be added to any pet sitting reservation. You may also choose an Overnight option to have a member of our team stay at your house overnight (see sample schedule below). The overnight service includes an evening pet sit (walk, feed, etc) and a second potty break just before bed time. The sitter will do another morning pet sit before leaving the following day.

Sample Schedule
Pet Frequency of Visits AM
cat, bird, or other small animal one visit, any time of day or you specify specific timeframe       visited once during one of these timeframes
cat two visits mornings and evenings x   x  
dog 2 visits a day x   x  
dog 3 visits a day x x x  
dog 4 visits a day x 2x
ex: 11am and 3pm
any pet Overnight Option A included   arrives by 8pm and stays overnight  
any pet Overnight Option B included   x returns by 10pm to stay overnight
any pet Overnight with a Midday option included x option A or B  

How do I get started?

  1. Schedule an initial consultation. Call or fill out an online request.  A member of our office team will identify the sitter that works in your neighborhood. The sitter will then call you to arrange a convenient time to meet you and your pets. There is a one-time initial consultation fee.
  2. Complete the Registration Packet prior to your initial consultation. Download the Pet Sitting Registration Packet The initial consultation should take approximately 30 minutes. During this time, the sitter will ask you to walk through the registration packet contents and pet care instructions
  3. Have 2 copies of your house keys ready. The sitter will retain one copy, and the second key is securely stored at our office for backup emergency purposes.
  4. Book reservations through our office. Once you have completed the initial consultation, you can begin booking dog walking and pet sitting services. All reservations must be submitted to our office. In order to respect our employee's privacy and to minimize miscommunication, we ask that any and all communication go through our office. If for any reason you need to speak with your sitter directly, we will have them contact you.

Pet Sitting During Holidays
We are an employee-based company that operates 365 days a year.  We charge an additional fee during holidays and pass this on to our employees.  This bonus serves as incentive for our employees to accept work during the holidays when they may otherwise have not chosen to work.  The holiday surcharge is in addition to normal pet sitting rates, is non-refundable, and is required to be paid in advance at the time you book your reservation. 

Please note that all regularly scheduled midday dog walking services will be cancelled on holidays.  If you are a regular midday dog walking client and need a dog walk during the holiday, please call our office to make a reservation. See Holiday Schedule

Pet Sitting During Inclement Weather
We make every effort to continue with pet sitting assignments and making backup preparations is important. See Inclement Weather Policy