Dog Walking

Dog WalkingWould my dog benefit from midday dog walks?
This service allows your dog to have an afternoon potty break, stretch his/her legs, and get some exercise while you are at work or away for the day. This service is perfect for someone who may work long hours, have a young puppy that is being potty trained, or a senior dog that may have bladder issues or just simply would like a little activity to brighten their day.

How long are the visits?
Midday dog walks are a standard 25 minute visit. This includes the amount of time it requires the dog walker to enter the home, leash up the dog, go for a walk, provide fresh water or a treat per your request, return the dog to the location they were found (ie crate, bedroom etc), and leave you a daily journal with details about the visit.

What time are the visits conducted?
We conduct midday dog walks between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Any visit performed oustide of this timeframe is considered a pet sit. If you prefer a more specific time, you can request a preferred 2 hour window. We will ensure that our dog walker arrives to your home during that preferred timeframe. If circumstances or an emergency prevents the dog walker from arriving to your home during that window, we will call you and fill you in on those details.

dog walkingDo you offer discounts?
We do. We offer a Dog Walking Membership Program. Membership in this program allows you to prepay for dog walks at a flat, discounted rate. Here are the details:

  • Membership covers maximum of 1 midday dog walk per day, Monday through Friday during the hours of 9am-5pm.
  • Additional dog walks, pet sits, weekend visits, holiday surcharges, extra pets, and extra time, will be billed separately at the reduced membership rate, when applicable.
  • Membership begins on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month. There are no refunds if you cancel a walk.
  • Fur-Get Me Not does not conduct midday dog walks on official company holidays (see website for listing). The exclusion of these walks has already been included in the discounted rates. We will not refund for holidays.
  • Client must have a valid credit card on file and approve us to auto-charge the full membership rate on the first of each month.
  • Membership will automatically renew each month. All enrollments and/or cancellations must be received by the 25th of the month prior to membership. (ie for May participation, enrollment or cancellations must be received in writing by April 25)
  • Membership includes a vacation allowance that allows for scheduled vacation time to be credited towards your next month’s reservation. If your vacation is in May, your June invoice will be credited at the membership dog walk rate. Vacation allowance is for 2 weeks (10 business days) of vacation annually, beginning with your original contract date. Notification needs to be provided to the office of any upcoming cancellations that fall under the vacation allowance.

We offer 2 types of Memberships:

VIP Membership Premier Membership
$378/month for 1 midday visit daily, M-F $304/month for avg 4 walks per week, M-F
$63/month for each additional dog $48/month for each additional dog
$80/month for each additional 10 minutes $60/month for each additional 10 minutes
*based on current dog walking rates of $20/walk, this averages $18/walk rate for a 10% savings annually. *based on current dog walking rates of $20/walk, this averages $19/walk rate for a 5% savings annually.

How do I get started?

  1. Schedule an initial consultation. Call or fill out an online request.  A member of our office team will identify the sitter that works in your neighborhood. The sitter will then call you to arrange a convenient time to meet you and your pets. There is a one-time initial consultation fee.
  2. Complete the Registration Packet prior to your initial consultation. Download the Pet Sitting Registration Packet The initial consultation should take approximately 30 minutes. During this time, the sitter will ask you to walk through the registration packet contents and pet care instructions
  3. Have 2 copies of your house keys ready. The sitter will retain one copy, and the second key is securely stored at our office for backup emergency purposes.
  4. Book reservations through our office. Once you have completed the initial consultation, you can begin booking dog walking and pet sitting services. All reservations must be submitted to our office. In order to respect our employee's privacy and to minimize miscommunication, we ask that any and all communication go through our office. If for any reason you need to speak with your sitter directly, we will have them contact you.

Dog Walking During Holidays
Please note that all regularly scheduled midday dog walking services will be cancelled on holidays.  If you are a regular midday dog walking client and need a dog walk during the holiday, please call our office to make a reservation. See Holiday Schedule

Dog Walking During Inclement Weather
Please note that all regularly scheduled midday dog walking services will be cancelled on days that the Federal Government closes due to weather and road conditions. See Inclement Weather Policy