Tips for Apartment Dwellers

Help your Fur-Get Me Not dog walker or pet sitter provide better service. If you live in the Clarendon, Rosslyn, Courthouse, and Ballston corridor of Arlington or if you reside in the District, you know the special challenges of trying to find a parking space and having guests or non-residents visit your home. You may likely have your own parking space in your building and an access card to breeze right in - which is wonderful and convenient for you - but imagine your dog walker or pet sitter on any given day attempting to get to your pet in a timely manner. It can be challenging to find a parking space, wait for a concierge, or navigate complex building security systems.

Fur-Get Me Not dog walkers and pet sitters want to spend their time walking and attending to your pet - that's what they love to do - they prefer not to waste time on the sometimes challenging logistical aspects of actually getting to your pet!

Here are some ideas on how we can work together to make it easier for your dog walker or pet sitter to navigate parking challenges:

  • Notifying your concierge that you have a Fur-Get Me Not dog walker or sitter visiting your home on certain days
  • Providing your walker or sitter with any special key fobs, codes, or cards needed to enter your building
    Obtaining a guest/temporary parking pass or asking the concierge if your walker/sitter can park in any available guest or leasing parking space while providing service
  • Leaving change for the parking meters around your building*

Please contact us if we can help you work with your concierge or building manager to make any of the above possible. With our customers' help, we have been able to develop solutions with some buildings.

The next time you see that wonderful journal note from your walker or sitter, or you make a reservation for our services, please remember that the above conveniences are greatly appreciated by our walkers and sitters and provide extra incentive for them to take care of your pet!

* Fur-Get Me Not does not reimburse sitters for parking, nor do we add any service surcharges for providing service at apartment buildings. However, the additional time and parking fees that our walkers and sitters incur to complete visits in densely populated areas are rising as free parking opportunities decrease. If you have suggestions on how to compensate our employees without passing on those costs to our customers, we'd love to hear from you. We hope some of our suggestions in this article are a good start.