Pet Sitting Versus Boarding Your Pet

Have you wondered which style of care is best for your dog? It all depends on your dog's temperament. While boarding facilities offer a one stop shop for your pet....the environment might be unsettling for them and cause anxiety or stress. A qualified boarding facility should offer a comprehensive evaluation and review process, offering your pet the opportunity to try out the environment and see how they interact with other happens if the fit is not perfect? Pet-sitting might be the best option for you. Here are some pro's and con's with using a pet sitting company.

Lets observe the Pro's:

  • Your pet gets to stay home in familiar surroundings. Their normal routine can be followed with numerous options available for their care. Walks and feedings can be coordinated to mimic their current routine.
  • Care is provided as a one-on-one activity between walks, potty breaks and play time.
  • If your pet is of the anxious or nervous type....they will be more relaxed at home. Kennel's tend to be noisy with a constant level of activity. For some dogs, this could be unsettling.
  • Pet-sitters provide a sense of recognized activity in the house. No need to stop the paper or mail delivery....the sitter can bring it in. Pet-sitters are trained to care for your pet, however, they will also offer a variety of tasks, like watering plants, feeding fish, turning lights on and off, putting the trash out by the curb.....all with the idea of making the house look occupied.
  • An added bonus of having a pet-sitter in the home is to look out for the safety and security of the residence. The pet-sitter may recognize a household problem like running water, power outage, or storm damage, for example, and take the appropriate action to safeguard the residence and notify you.
  • And for the parent, there is no worry about coordinating the drop off or pick up of your pet.

And possible con's to consider:

  • You are opening your home to a stranger. While this is a valid and legitimate concern, please make sure to choose a Pet-sitting company that completes a thorough screening of their employees....including background and reference checks.
  • Another concern is that your pet will be alone when the sitter is not conducting a visit. You know your pet the best and will be able to determine how they will do on their own. Some Pet-sitting companies will offer overnight stay options to help mitigate the potential for loneliness.

To discuss pet-sitting or boarding options for your pet, call us at 703-933-1935. We would be happy to answer any questions and address your concerns.