How We Create a Playgroup
Julie Jacobus
Daycare Manager

At Fur-Get Me Not, we manage three separate playgroups. Many daycare facilities have one large playgroup, or possibly two groups. Some facilities group dogs by size alone. However, we look at the dogs' temperament rather than just their physical appearances.

Our Playgroup A is for bigger, highly active dogs. Most dogs in this group are 50 pounds and over, and range in age, but generally are at least 8 months, and up to 10 years old. These dogs are rough and tumble players, dogs who love to wrestle, or enjoy playing with toys.

Our second playgroup is Playgroup B - a mixed bag of dogs. Many of the dogs are medium size dogs who like to play but are not as rough nd "wild" as the dogs in Playgroup A. This group may include adolescent puppies too big for Playgroup C, but too small for Playgroup A, or dogs that require extra special supervision to manage behaviors such as toy possessiveness. We do not allow toys in this playgroup and instead the focus is on human interaction.

Last but not least is Playgroup C which is comprised of our smallest dogs and puppies. We do have some larger dogs that prefer to chill out rather than wrestle all day long. Elderly dogs and dogs with physical issues do best in this group as well, and get the extra one-on-one attention they need from a lower-gauge playgroup. This group spends most of their weekdays in our Dog Training School where they aren't distracted by Playgroups A or B.

All dogs go through our evaluation process, which includes an observation day, to determine the best playgroup for your dog. We will change a dog's playgroup if we think they would do better in another. Some puppies start in Playgroup C, and "grow up" through Playgroup B, eventually landing in Playgroup A. Other dogs "retire" from Playgroup A to Playgroup C.

Just like people, you can't judge a book by it's cover. It's not just what's on the outside that counts, there is meaning to what is going on internally as well via personality and temperament. Having three playgroups gives us flexibility to place dogs in the environment that's best suited for them. Trust you have the security and peace of mind that we are looking at your dog as a whole, and keeping them safe, happy, and thriving at Fur-Get Me Not.