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Client Testimonials

These are just a few of the testimonials we received from our customers. 

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Not sure exactly when I started using Fur-Get Me Not but it has been at least 6 years .I feel very comfortable using Fur-Get Me Not for midday walks and overnights. The sitters are extremely responsible and let me know if anything is amiss. My neighbors also commented that they were very impressed by the service we received. I know that her pet sitters take special care of her.

L LeMat, Arlington, VA
March 2017

We have used FGMN since we adopted Winston. We currently use the dog walking services and Daycare twice a week. FGMN has been vital to helping us keep Winston socialized and active. They are literally an extension of Winston's family, and we couldn't do it without them.

E Meyer, Arlington, VA
February 2017

I started using FGMN services almost immediately. I knew Zelda would be a difficult even before getting her, as her breed is hyper sensitive and displays aggression when fearful, startled, or even curious if not socialized properly. We used obedience classes at first but Zelda was far too advanced as I had been working with her a lot at home, so we had little to no need of those. I still use daycare and dog walking and sometimes even boarding when I am out of town. All great services I am thankful for. Using FGMN dog walking, daycare, and boarding is less about Zelda and more about me. I have a full time job and still want some sembelance of social life, and having others who are experienced with dog handling and also use all-positive training methods ensures that Zelda will be taken care of and only experience good things while I'm gone. This is an important aspect in her upbringing as sensitive dog breeds need as many good experiences as possible to grow up and be confident and happy in all situations.

J Boustany, Arlington, VA
January 2017

Brandi started to board at FGMN about 4 years ago, and is a regular boarder as I travel frequently. We have also taken advantage of the dog walking services. What I've appreciated about FGMN are the daily reports on how Brandi is doing, and how everyone at FGMN considers Brandi's personality. I feel that I can trust FGMN to take good care of Brandi when I am not there.

P Chen, Lexington Park, MD
September 2016

The free puppy social is what originally attracted us to Fur-Get Me Not. The Levels Program helped us to establish our foundation and basic obedience with Murphy. Daycare started as occasional (a few times a month) but has now become a vital part of Murphy's week. We typically send him twice a week which he thoroughly enjoys. He always needs a recovery day afterwards because he plays so hard when he's there! We're so thankful that we found Fu-Get Me Not!

Megan L, Alexandria VA
June 2016

The customer service was the first reason for choosing your facility above the others that we were checking out. After our pup had her first daycare experience I was impressed with her report card, and I really liked that you all took the time to let me know, in detail, how her day had gone.  We really like Fur Get Me Not and decided to stick with you guys!

Anonymous, Daycare Survey
May 2016

FGMN has become an extension of Goose's family - keeping me in the loop as to any health issues/concerns. I completely trust the team at FGMN to take loving care of him during doggy daycare and while I am out of town. His energy level is such that I can't leave him with just anyone, and I simply don't worry about him while he is at FGMN! Thank you for being such a trusted partner and caring for my puppy so very well!

Barbara H, Alexandria VA
April 2016

We have been taking our 1.5 year old, terrier/hound mix Sammie to daycare at Fur Get Me Not for almost a year now. Sammie LOVES going to "school," seeing her friends and running circles around the staff. The way we know they do such a great job is because her tail wags nonstop when we mention that it's time for school and she hops up and goes to the door.  We used to take her somewhere else and we often had to plead with her to go inside. Not with FGMN! She practically jumps out of the car when she knows we're nearby. 

I will also say that an added bonus of FGMN is that dogs are taken outside to do their business. I know a lot of daycare places have the dogs inside with treated floors and it seemed that my dog would hold it all day until she could go outside to use the bathroom. The staff there seem to take the pooches out regularly too because she's never rushing to go outside when I pick her up.  I also love that we get daily reports on her behavior detailing who she played with and what she was up to.  The staff readily share stories about her antics and frequently laugh along with the shenanigans she gets into at home. Our pooch can be a little particular and they seem to love all of her quirks just as much as we do. FGMN staff are always thorough, kind, and caring when it comes to our dog and we can't imagine taking her anywhere else to spend her days when we're at work. Thanks for all your hard work!

Alexis B
February 2016

Thank you so much for taking care of Franklin every week. Thank you for teaching him to be a better friend and playmate with his doggie peers and for just laughing at his crazy antics. He gets excited to play with you all every morning, and that makes me feel happy! You all provide a peace of mind that Franklin is safe and well-cared for and, most importantly, happy. Yes, he comes home tired (if that's a sign of a crazy good time, I don't know what is!). Anyway, this is just a short note to say thank you. I know your days are crazy and hectic, but you are always smiling when I come in. There is a lot of hard work I know I don't see, so thank you for all of that! We love FGMN!

Shannon & Bryan F, Arlington VA
February 2016

I started taking Asta to FGMN daycare in the fall of 2009. In the beginning, Asta went to daycare once or twice a week, but in the fall of 2011, Asta started going to daycare 5 days a week because he loved it so much. I also use FGMN boarding services and grooming services.With Asta's various anxiety issues, I'm not sure how I would survive without FGMN's services. FGMN has become Asta's home away from home. When I drop Asta off at FGMN, he is so excited. Asta greets everyone at FGMN with his tail wagging, and Asta receives so much love and attention from everyone that works at FGMN. I know that when he is at FGMN daycare or boarding, Asta is safe, happy, and having a blast.

Martha C, Alexandria VA
February 2016

We began using FGMN for the puppy socials for Sami, then went to the levels training, then started using the daycare. Sami had socialization issues since she was a rescue dog and may have been separated from her mother too early. FGMN worked with us and now she is fantastic. The employees of FGMN are some of the most dedicated people I have had the pleasure of working with the past few years. We rescued Zim 10 months after Sami. Zim also was not well socialized when we brought him home, but is definitely getting better with the daycare attendants working with him when he is at FGMN. He is very sweet and loving. Zim likes to talk a lot. We call him "the mayor" because he is always barking out orders! Sami and Zim are inseparable. They play, play, play until they drop.

Adele S, Arlington VA
January 2016

Thank you so much for taking care of Franklin every week. Thank you for teaching him to be a better friend and playmate with his doggie peers and for just laughing at his crazy antics. He gets excited to play with you all every morning, and that makes me feel happy! You all provide a peace of mind that Franklin is safe and well-cared for and, most importantly, happy. Yes, he comes home tired (if that's a sign of a crazy good time, I don't know what is!). Anyway, this is just a short note to say thank you. I know your days are crazy and hectic, but you are always smiling when I come in. There is a lot of hard work I know I don't see, so thank you for all of that! We love FGMN!

Shannon W, Arlington VA
November 2015

Because Clyde is a high energy dog - utilizing FGMN's daycare services has been invaluable to us! If he didn't go to daycare a few days a week we would end up spending most of our non-working time draining his energy. Daycare has improved his doggy social skills and also helped with his separation anxiety (which was particularly bad when we first got him).  We also enjoy having the peace of mind that if we go on a trip Clyde will be well taken care of and comfortable while we're gone.

Kimberly S, Alexandria VA
December 2015

Teddy joined our family (Mom, Dad, two teenagers) in March, 2010 and started going to daycare at Fur-Get Me Not right away. At first we brought him only occasionally, but he loved it so much that it wasn't long before we were treating him to several days a week. We also have used the boarding services. Every time we head down South Four Mile Run Drive Teddy gets excited, ready to leap out of the car and race into the office to start his day. Knowing that Teddy is playing with his friends and the daycare attendants makes the work days much easier for us, and - not going to lie - it's pretty nice that he is worn out when we all come home and are ready for dinner!

Lisa D, Arlington VA
August 2015

It is hard to know where to start! One of my dogs has been going to daycare and boarding for about 5 years. He is a rescue with much anxiety and the DCA's completely get him and make space for his "issues"- love that!! We recently got a puppy - went to the puppy socials and have started the levels classes. All of the trainers are so helpful, take time to work with me one-on-one and their tips have been spot-on!! We have a great dog walker who has taken the time to work with the high anxiety dog and is consistent with training approaches with the puppy. I consider myself a Fur Get Me Not customer for life!!! Love you guys! Also- the front desk people are all so nice. They make me feel like part of the family.

Cindy S
June 2015

Nikko has been going to Fur-Get Me Not since he was 12 weeks old. He loves playing with all the attendants but Nikko seems a little attached to Valerie as he ears roll back and starts to jump on her when I drop the little monster off. Reading his report cards it seems he is having a blast when he is there and passes out when he gets home

Alvin M
June 2015

Gary has been going to daycare for around 6 years now and every DCA has been great but about a year ago, i knew it was a great team when i came to pick him up and the DCA said "You're here for Gar Bear?" Great moment when someone you don't know comes up with the exact same nickname you call your dog at home!

Laurel H
June 2015

His two favorite destinations are Fur-Get Me Not and Shirlington Dog Park, both of which he recognizes by name. He has been a Fur-Get Me Not puppy for almost two years and it has brought out the absolute best in him. He has attended Levels 1 and 2 Training, Confidence Building, boarding and is a day care regular. The Fur-Get Me Not services and employees have had such a positive impact on Fenway's confidence and happiness. We love how excited he gets when he knows he's getting ready to spend the day with Fur-Get Me Not and we love how exhausted he is when he comes home. We couldn't imagine life without him or without Fur-Get Me Not! 

Laura T, Arlington VA
June 2015

I'm going to be out of town this week and my membership expires in a few weeks. But wanted to thank you and staff. It's been a great experience for HB. We accomplished what we set out to do, and that was get HB exposed to a variety of experiences and situations and develop her confidence. I've watched her mature quite a bit in the past two months and a lot of that was going to Levels training.

Jeanne L, Lorton VA
May 2015

This morning when I got to the office I was getting ready to toss the Happy Mother's Day flyer and finally noticed that Finley's photo was on it! What a lovely gesture and a great idea! It's now on my wall next to my computer screen so I can look at my pup's photo and smile during the day. Many thanks for the excellent day care service you provide, and for this innovative and thoughtful remembrance.

Linda A, Arlington VA
May 2015

I'm writing to let you know that we were very impressed by Daniel over the past several months. From January through March my wife and mother-in-law, who was living with us, were both sick and unable to walk. Daniel, who was always punctual, took the time each day to give our two lab/hound mixes a long-enough walk to keep them calm the rest of the day-- no easy feat! He was invariably cheerful and the dogs were always ecstatic to see him. Thank you for your service and your employees like Daniel.

Doug B, Arlington VA
April 2015

We’re a little snow-delayed for your employee appreciation day, but wanted to make sure we underscored how seriously terrific Lucy McCausland is. Lucy’s been our dogwalker for almost two years (since we moved to Arlington) and she was instrumental both in taking care of our ancient terrier, Crosby, and now our new pup Banjo. Crosby was very old and fragile and Lucy was so incredibly kind to help him get up and down the stairs to do his business and to supervise his geriatric walks. He adored her and she really helped make his last days this past fall much more comfortable and filled with love. When we adopted Banjo in January, Lucy was super in helping her settle into the routine of being a household pet to wean off some of her adolescent energy and enthusiasm. I’m quite certain that Bamjo would try to redecorate the house every day if we didn’t have Lucy to help with midday walks!! We feel very lucky to have Lucy as our walker and to work with FurgetMeNot. We’ve been clients for more than nine years now, through two dogs and two different locations and we couldn’t do it without you guys!

Kaiti S, Arlington VA
March 2015

In November of last year, we took our first vacation since we got our babies, and it left us wondering what to do with them.  We looked into boarding the kittens, but we were worried about taking them from their home.  We were nervous they wouldn't respond well to not only being away from us, but their home as well.  They also have never been separated from one another, and we didn't want to be away the first time it happened. Fur-Get Me Not services has really allowed us to feel at ease when we are traveling, and we thank Jennifer for taking such good care of our babies!  We continue to ask Jennifer to visit twice a day to check on them when we take time away, and we have yet to be disappointed.  She leaves a detailed journal of the kittens activities, and even sent us a daily email with pictures while we were gone.  Going the extra mile of sending us an email gave us piece of mind while we were away.  

Joe C, Alexandria VA
February 2015

My husband and I have been going to classes for the past 3 months, after the lovely people at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington suggested Fur-Get-Me-Not as a good place to start basic training classes. I just wanted to let you guys know that I can easily say it was THE single best thing we could have done for her.

We knew very little about Libby, a very sweet 2-year-old border collie/goofball mix, when we rescued her in June. We recognized that she was very shy and fearful with new people and situations, and were a bit worried about our first class. Still, we started the Levels Program about a month later. During the during the first classes she would often hide behind us, or even cower, when other people would walk by.

Now, 3 months later, she's learned that strangers mean GOOD things like attention and treats! She meets people with so much less anxiety, and she really has come out of her shy shell. Dave always takes a moment to check in with Libby ever since she came in wearing the yellow bandana. Starting with just sitting next her and tossing treats - and now she goes up to him to say hi!

One of the best parts about the classes is how the trainers give you instruction on how to train OUTSIDE class. Karen often shares how she's taught her own dog, Huckleberry, to learn new things. I feel like we get so much more than just the hour or two a week in class, because we are given the tools to train at home as well.

I just wanted to tell someone how thankful we are to have found Fur-Get-Me-Not and the awesome trainers there - thanks again!

Lindsey C, Arlington, VA
November 2014

I have been using your dog walking service for several months now, and I wanted to send a note of appreciation for Trish Flynn, who has been taking such incredible care of my elderly Miniature Pinscher, Kiwi, every day. Like many of your clients I'm sure, I have a demanding job that does not allow me to tend to my dog the way I would like during the day. Just a few weeks ago, Kiwi became quite sick (and frankly I wasn't sure she would pull through), and I don't know how I could have taken care of her without Trish. From numerous daily phone calls, to cleaning up the worst of pet messes, Trish went above and beyond, showing the utmost of professionalism, and equally as important -- compassion -- for my dog. Trish is absolutely wonderful and has truly been a life-saver, helping to put many of my concerns over leaving an elderly dog alone all day at ease.

Miriam N, McLean, VA
November 2014

I started taking him to Fur-Get Me Not  daycare in 2010; he's been going to daycare twice a week for almost 5 years now!  We also take advantage of the boarding and pet taxi services.  

I started taking him to Fur-Get Me Not for daycare to burn some energy.  Twice a week, I come home from a long day at work and have a happy tired dog, instead of a crazy hound bouncing off the walls.  What a relief!  He's 6 now and doesn't have the same energy as when he was a pup, but I continue to be a loyal customer of Fur-Get Me Not for the other benefits.  Yes, he gets to socialize with other dogs, but even more so, he gets attention all day from the human daycare attendants.

Birkley isn't the kind of dog I can take just anywhere or leave with just anyone.  He is 90 lbs, can reach any and all counters, is full of energy, has bouts of separation anxiety, can be slow to warm up to strangers, and guards any home as if it's his own.  This means I don't have an especially long list of folks who can help me out when I'm in a bind!  And that's where Fur-Get Me Not is such a life saver.  If a work or social commitment comes up during the week, I can schedule a pet taxi home.  If I'm out of town for a night or two, I can rest assured he's taken care of with Fur-Get Me Not boarding services.  And the GREAT folks here have always been so helpful and willing to work with us, and they seem to love my dog as much as I do.  It's an enormous relief to know that I can count on Fur-Get Me Not to help me take care of this crazy dog!  

Sara K, Arlington, VA
November 2014

I have used this service for both middays walks and for overnight visits where a petsitter stays in my house.

All together, FGMN provides a great service. As with everything, I've had some dog walkers who were better than others, but in general, they arrive when they say they will, my dogs are always happy to see their walker and when I have a sitter in my house overnight, the dogs are well cared for. I have had one or two problems over the 5+ years I've used them and they have always resolved them to my satisfaction.

Shannon M, Arlington, VA
Angie's List Review
November 2014

Having Dan available to help me care for Pedro and my current foster pup, Stormy, is the best decision I have made in regards to my dog's care in a long time. He is thorough, attentive, timely and really cares about Pedro's well being. I absolutely trust Dan in my home and know that he takes great pride in the services he provides. I love the progress reports Dan leaves after each walk - he always has the cutest things to say about their adventures for the day. I have also found Dan to be very responsive to my questions and obviously open to adding another pup to the mix last minute. Fur-Get Me Not has been a great investment for me and my pups. Thanks for all your help!

Jordan S, Arlington, VA
September 2014

I have been very satisfied with our walker Clare, she was fantastic! My experience has been great! Our walker Clare Koller has been amazing, she really worked with us in handling with our particular situation with our dogs, was very accommodating in her schedule and provided great feedback all along during her visits. Our dogs are so happy with her, and so are we.

Anonymous, New Client Survey
September 2014

I met Jeannie and was extremely impressed. She has been better than I could have ever expected of anyone. Sweety looks forward to his 35 min walks with Jeannie and she lets me know how things are going. She feels like part of the family, I trust her implicitly and would recommend her without qualification to anyone looking for dog care/walking!

Anonymous, New Client Survey
September 2014

We began using daycare and boarding services immediately.   I like that Fur-Get Me Not has a separate play area for the smaller dogs, especially since Molly weighed less than 5 pounds when I got her.  Molly attends daycare one day per week and typically boards several days each month.  Having her attend daycare affords her the chance to be comfortable around other dogs and the Fur-Get Me Not staff so that when she does board, it is more routine then unusual.  The staff accommodate Molly’s observer preferences by allowing her to mingle some of the time, but position herself such that she can watch from a small distance the rest of the time.  Molly always comes home tired but that may be in part due to the spins she does greeting me when I pick her up.

Not long after I got Molly, we attended some basic training classes.  That was a good foundation for both us.  Molly also participated in some the “puppy socials.”

The biggest impact the Fur-Get Me Not services have had on our lives really boils down to providing a solid comfort level.  I feel comfortable leaving her whether it is for 8 hours or 7 nights knowing that the staff will love on her, make sure she has her favorite green beans and carrots with her meals, her Greenie at snack time, or administer any medication she may be taking.  I generally don’t even request a mid-stay update because I have confidence that Molly is being cared for in a safe and happy atmosphere.  The staff that I routinely interact with appear to have a genuine interest in animals and in ensuring the best for not only Molly, but other dogs there as well.  We look forward to using Fur-Get Me Not’s services for many more years. 

Lisa H. Arlington, VA
August 2014

Sydney has had an opportunity to socialize with many different dogs, and that has helped us both immensely during her adolescence.  I immediately saw a difference in her behavior with dogs and people in our neighborhood after she started daycare.  I wish I had started her in that sooner!  Between daycare and her Levels training, she is growing into a still goofy, but well behaved dog...we've still got quite a bit of work to do, but I am grateful for all the daycare and trainers have given her this last few months.  I am also grateful for Blaise, who handles "my little pony" so well - she's not *easy* to walk, since she is such a large and excitable puppy, but his skill and experience, and the care with which he handles her allow me to breathe easier knowing she is in the best possible hands while I am at work and can't be with her myself.  Knowing she is with people who care about her *and* understand dog behaviour and training is the reason I sought Fur-Get Me Not for mid-day walk and daycare services - I feel like there are no better puppy-friends to care for and play with my silly little girl!

Jessika R. Alexandria, VA
July 2014

We started using Fur-Get Me Not as soon as we moved from Chicago to Arlington, last summer.  My husband works from home but travels every other week, so we use your occasional mid-day walk service and also the pet sitting services when we all go out of town.  Fur-Get Me Not made the move and adjustment to our new lives here much easier.  Before Aislynn, Dave was our designated dog walker, and the pups immediately bonded with him, as they have now done with Aislynn.  With our hectic lives, knowing that we can count on Fur-Get Me Not to take care of Chula and Chico has definitely made life easier and allowed us to enjoy our new lives here much more.  It is reassuring to know that we can count on the support of a whole team.

Raquel R. Arlington, VA
June 2014

I first heard about Fur-Get-Me-Not's Saturday morning puppy socials through a woman walking her dog through the neighborhood and who kindly let Pippa wrestle with her dog. Pippa and I became addicted to Sat. morning socials partly because they were so much fun for both of us and partly because Pippa was exhausted afterwards! They were also a great beginning training experience because the trainers were so helpful in guiding the puppies and answering the owners questions. I was so impressed with how the play groups were separated and supervised that I felt confident about bringing Pippa in for daycare during the week. I had looked at a couple of other daycares but I wasn't comfortable that they were the right fit for Pippa especially at such a young age. Daycare at Fur-Get Me Not is terrific and Pippa thoroughly looks forward to going. The staff at daycare is amazing and I really felt immediately that they love dogs and take a genuine interest and concern for each and every dog. Pippa was and is always so excited to go and is happily exhausted usually when I pick her up. She generally goes 2x a week now and I try to schedule my work out of the office around daycare days.

Training and daycare seemed a natural progression because the training staff was so knowledgeable and helpful, I started Pippa in the Levels program. I have to confess that I am a pushover for puppy class and we'd already been through 2 puppy kindergartens at 2 other places. I enrolled Pippa in the Levels program and figured that puppy basics would be essentially the same as it was at the other 2 places. That was not the case! Training was so much more organized and comfortable at Fur Get Me Not. We each had our own little space, chair, water dish and mat and the classes are much smaller and better managed than we had previously experienced. Pippa learned sit, down, stay and touch in lightening speed and also got to play with her fellow classmates to boot! We're currently in Levels 2 but I decided to suspend the Levels program temporarily because of some (ahem) behavioral issues involving reactive behavior, that I wanted to address specifically. We've been working with Vivian who has been wonderful with me and Pippa too and I've been incorporating the techniques into everyday experiences. The summaries she provides are invaluable references particularly when I get frustrated.

The whole experience with Fur Get Me Not has been wonderful and Pippa and I plan on continuing with both training and daycare. We happily recommend Fur-Get Me Not for both. If we come across an exhausted-looking person being dragged around by a young dog or puppy, we mention the Saturday morning socials with special emphasis!

Emily C. Arlington, VA
May 2014

I have been a customer for over 10 years and the service and pet sitters are absolutely fantastic! FGMN provides excellent care for my two cats. They are always well taken care of and I love the daily notes. Tracey and Gianna are my usual sitters and my kitties love them. Thank you so much for the care you have provided in the past and I will continue to use your pet sitting services in the future!

Deirdre M. Arlington, VA
April 2014

We use quite a few Fur-Get Me Not services, primarily daycare, but have also used the boarding service. When we initially adopted Toaster, we had an in home training session with Roz where we learned the basics of clicker training and walking on leash. Soon after we adopted Sammy, we attended a 6 week Impulse Control I class, led by Vivian, which provided us with some great tools and a good foundation to work with such a high energy dog. All of our Fur-Get Me Not experiences have been first rate. The dogs love daycare, especially when Savita greets them in the morning. The DCAs are always cheerful and ready to discuss/answer any questions we have. The office staff are all professional and helpful. Sammy and Toaster are happy and healthy puppies; Fur-Get Me Not is one of the reasons why.

Lisa R. Springfield, VA
April 2014

"Had contacted another firm and made arrangements for service - only to have those services cancelled due to logistics - they are located in Alexandria - I am in N Arlington - one day prior to the beginning of services. Very poor timing. I contacted FurGetMeNot (referral from my Vet at Ballston Animal Hospital) at the last minute and you guys came through in awesome form! Service has been excellent and I look forward to utilizing additional services as my pet (young puppy now) gets older."

Anonymous, New Client Survey
March 2014

"The office staff was very helpful in quickly setting up a home consultation and starting midday dog walks almost immediately. Lissa Fried has been SUPER helpful, and has gone above and beyond what we expected from a dog walker. She spends extra time with Dyson to make him comfortable and try to ease his fears (almost the entire two-hour window each of the first two days!), and called us after-hours to share ideas she gleaned from Fur-Get Me Not trainers that might help him adjust to his new routine.

As stated earlier... it's been less than a week, but so far we are very happy with Fur-Get Me Not's level of service!"

Anonymous, New Client Survey
March 2014

I have been using Fur-Get Me Not since they were born. Gretchen gives them a daily walk and usually Lucy fills in when she is unavailable. Ginger and Coco (or Ginco!) love them both, especially Gretchen, and I can't tell you how good it feels to go to work and know that they are in such good hands. I truly appreciate the good work your company does. A+++ !!

Grace J. Arlington, VA
February 2014

We are new to Fur-Get Me Not, having used the petsitting service for the first time over this past Christmas holiday. Fur-Get Me Not gave us total peace of mind during our out of town trip. Lou, who cared for Inky during our absence, was fantastic. During our initial consultation, Lou didn't just ask about feeding her, but he asked about her personality and play preferences. During our trip, Lou sent a very thoughtful update to let us know that Inky was doing well, which was very comforting and much appreciated! Upon our return, it was obvious that Inky had been very well cared for by Lou!

Sarah I. Arlington, VA
January 2014

We have used Dave to pet sit for our cat Arthur several times, and I just wanted to tell you what a terrific sitter he is! He is very cooperative and competent. Recently, we were in London for a long weekend, and Dave actually called us to tell us there was water in the basement. Although we couldn't do anything, we were very grateful. He actually brought a fan over on his next visit to help dry it out. Again, we appreciate your service. We have had very competent people from your service over the years, beginning with the late Bobbie Frederick. Dave has continued the tradition. Thanks again. I have recommended you to friends in the District, who also were pleased with your service there.

Karen L Washington, DC
January 2014

I started using Fur-Get Me Not in June of 2010. I use Fur-Get Me Not's 2 times a day pet sitting for my cats and it completely leaves my mind at ease. My cats are fed, visited, and get the attention they need. All their needs are fully attended to! I am completely at ease when I travel for work or pleasure. Fur-Get Me Not is professional, courteous, trustworthy and reliable. My job requires me to travel a lot and my family lives in another state so I use the pet sitting services frequently. Fur-Get Me Not has accommodated me many times both personally and professionally. I like how you have contact with both Fur-Get Me Not and the sitter directly. It puts my mind at ease to know that my pets are treated as if they were theirs. The office staff are amazing as well. Phone calls are returned, paying over the phone is a breeze. They are prompt, courteous, friendly and professional. The customer service is great! I highly recommend Fur-Get Me Not. I know my "girls" are in great hands!

Lisa N. Arlington, VA
July 2013

Just a quick note to let you know how much appreciate the continued efforts by your staff - Heidi, Jackie (and of course, Roz) to provide encouragement and take into account Hanna's special needs. I know they are busy during class, but I appreciate the their efforts to try to make sure she is comfortable and that they still make a fuss over her and treat her as special in a good way as well. It helps me as well!

Christina B. Alexandra, VA
September 2013

We began using Fur-Get Me Not for the puppy socials for Sami, then went to the Levels training, then started using the daycare. Sami had socialization issues since she was a rescue dog and may have been separated from her mother too early. Fur-Get Me Not worked with us and now she is fantastic. The employees of Fur-Get Me Not are some of the most dedicated people I have had the pleasure of working with the past several months. Zim is still a work in progress...he also was not well socialized when we brought him home, but is definitely getting better with the daycare attendants working with him when he is at Fur-Get Me Not. He is very sweet and loving. Sami and Zim are inseparable. They play, play, play until they drop. Both Sami and Zim are better dogs due to going to daycare at Fur-Get Me Not. It’s also been a life-saver for me since I can’t leave them alone in the house; they are not to be trusted!!! So, I run errands, go to doctors' appointments, exercise, etc. while they are in daycare. It has truly made a difference for me.

Adele S. Arlington, VA
May 2013

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how fabulous the weekend staff at FGMN is. I dropped Murphy off for daycare on Saturday morning and shortly thereafter I got a call from Brandy telling me that they had taken Murph out and noticed a little blood in her urine. I asked her a million questions trying to anticipate what the vet would ask, and she even offered to go take photos of the urine so I could show the vet. (We didn't end up doing that). Totally above and beyond in my book. I brought Murph to the vet and, as I expected, she had a UTI - and a pretty bad one according to the vet. The vet was extremely complimentary of FGMN and was very impressed that someone noticed the blood because it was such a small amount.

If it wasn't for the weekend staff, we may still not have known to bring Murph to the vet because she goes to the bathroom on mulch and we wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for all you and your staff do to keep our dogs happy and healthy. I know Murphy is in excellent hands whenever I drop her off and appreciate all the attention to detail. Thanks!

Katie H. Arlington, VA
April 2013

I started using Fur-Get Me Not in October 2012. I used the unlimited daycare services, so that Roo was able to play all day while I was at school. I was amazed by everything about Fur-Get Me Not. I had experiences at other places where Roo came home with scratches because the dogs were playing too rough, but in all of my time spent at Fur-Get Me Not Roo has always come home so happy, tired and healthy. When I arrived, I was always told silly stories about Roo, which showed me how much everyone cared for her. In January Roo got sick, so I needed to start keeping her at home. Because I was so pleased with FGMN's daycare services, I wanted nothing more than to use them for dog walking services as well. I was worried about leaving Roo at home for such a long day, when she was so used to being at daycare all day. However, FGMN put my mind at ease and found me the best dog walker ever!

Missy G. Arlington, VA
March 2013

We just recently used Fur Get Me Not's overnight pet sitting service for the first time and we were extremely pleased! The office staff was very organized and had great customer service. Our pet sitter, Jordan Frye, was very pleasant and professional and was very responsive to any questions we had. She stayed in contact with us everyday by sending texts, emails and pictures letting us know that our little ones were being well taken care of. As very anxious parents, it really put our mind at ease knowing that our pets were in such good hands in our absence. After getting back home, I enjoyed reading through the detailed daily journals she left for us. She really took the time to get to know our pets personalities and included stories of the funny things they did while we were away. We couldn't be more happy with the care our pets received and it was nice to see that our pets seemed not to notice that we were even gone because they were getting the same TLC that they always do. Thank you so much to Jordan Frye and everyone at Fur Get Me Not for taking such great care of our little ones! We'll definitley be using your services again!

Joel, Angela, Buddy, Kitters and Snickers M. Alexandria, VA
March 2013

I wanted to send a note letting you all know how great Dave and Jackie were leading the Levels 1 Training class on Wednesday. This week was our dog's first time in class and they did an absolutely fantastic job at helping him get comfortable with his new surroundings. I arrived early to talk to them about our dog's fear of random loud noises and throughout the class they remembered and would take the time to help us. During one of the sessions a toy fell and made a loud noise when they were giving instructions on a new command and they stopped and told us to give our dog a treat before he was able to have a poor reaction. We were very impressed that they remembered what we had talked about, especially while they were leading the class. We just wanted to send a note thanking them and recognizing how much we appreciate the extra time and effort and for them taking the time to listen to our specific concerns. We are thoroughly enjoying the Levels Training and are very excited to see the progression over the next few months :) Thank you again!

Jenni R and Bobby B. Arlington, VA
March 2013

Chloe is an almost two year old Havanese who came to us as a puppy. She has never met anyone she doesn't totally love, and her favorite way to greet people is by giving kisses (and getting a good belly rub in exchange!) She adores playing with other dogs, especially ones her size, and is a bit of a flirt with the boys. Chloe is very smart and likes to be in charge, but can be bribed with chicken or a good bully stick to do a variety of tricks. We started using the day care services at Fur-Get Me Not last year so that Chloe could socialize with other dogs. At first, she was shy and somewhat unsure of how to play within a group of dogs, but she soon overcame that and now she can't get in the door fast enough to see her pals and spend a few hours running, wrestling and playing ball. We recently signed up for some training, so Chloe's education is continuing thanks to Fur-Get Me Not.

Tim K. McLean, VA
March 2013

As my husband and I walked our dog around Old Town this morning, I was inspired to write and say thank you for the dog training we received at Furget Me Not. It goes with out saying that your Levels program are excellent and gave us a solid training base. Today, I want to say KUDOS for the City Walks class that we took back in October that was taught by Dave. I feel that the Levels program is the "classroom" part and the City Walks are the "laboratory". Emma behaved so well in Old Town today, walking calmly by my side with a loose leash, not bothered by noise and distractions. I give a great deal of credit for this to the City Walks training we did. Thanks again,

Jennifer N. Alexandria, VA
February 2013

The FGMN team members who have looked after our zoo have been absolutely spectacular. During our first home visit, we had the pleasure of meeting Jen Weesen, who has provided steadfast, thorough, attentive, and consistent care throughout the past several months. We simply can’t provide enough examples to underscore how amazing she is, though here are two highlights:

  • Over the course of 2012, our aging Maine Coon, Columbus, was declining in health, though he remained in good spirits. Throughout our travel absences, Jen provided daily updates, and went far above and beyond to make Columbus comfortable and to ensure that we were fully informed of his condition. Knowing that Jen – and her husband Tyler, also a FGMN employee, were caring for Columbus made our absences much easier to endure.
  • Jen also steadfastly sought the hiding place of our shy cat Lily, who hides under beds or another other object! No hiding place was lost on the team, who also slowly earned Lily’s trust and thus enjoyed regular “sightings” even in our absence.
  • Jen and the team’s notes reflected their sense of play, noting how both of the dogs – Fletcher and Asta – preferred different toys, devoured their food in unique ways, or greeted them at the door. They even filled in our dog-feeding log, which they discovered on the family-caulk board.

Administratively, we have been continuously impressed with FGMN’s attention to detail, responsiveness, organization, and service-minded attitude. From billing to specifics on food and medicines, the FGMN staff hasn’t missed a single detail.

As a final and solemn tribute, I wanted to laud the entire FGMN team, and particularly that of Jen, in caring for our aging cat, Columbus. Unfortunately, Columbus was struggling with a cancer-like growth in his mouth, which was progressively impacting his ability to eat and clean himself. Although we deeply regretted leaving him when on travel, we were relieved to know that he would be under Jen’s warm, complete, and thoughtful care. Although Columbus passed away last month, we know that he had wonderful care on the occasions when we were away.

We highly recommend FGMN for its stellar team, attention to detail, and focus on the customer and the animals.

Wendin S. Arlington, VA
January 2013

To everyone at Fur-Get Me Not, Thank you so very much for your sympathies on the passing of Masi and for the unexpected and generous donation to the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation on Masi's behalf. I am so grateful for everyone who took Masi for his midday walks; he looked forward to them every day I went to work. I am so happy that Masi touched so many people, and I am comforted knowing that everyone will carry with them so many happy memories of Masi. I will be adopting two rescue greyhounds int he future, and I look forward to having the folks at Fur-Get Me Not take them on midday walks.

Tim P. Washington DC
January, 2013

I started using Fur-Get Me Not when Nemo was 6 months old. Tammy & Steve had just four other clients and Hunter. I have been a fan from the beginning. I have seen firsthand the blood, sweat, tears and love they've put in to make Fur-Get Me Not the incredible business that it is today. In the beginning I used the daycare, pet taxi service, in-home pet sitting and the self bath. We could not be happier to be a part of Fur-Get Me Not. It's always a pleasure to drop the boys off, see the welcoming staff and watch the wonderful interaction they have with Nemo and Kiki. I'm delighted and grateful for the services and professionalism. I happily recommend them whenever I have the opportunity!

George R. Alexandria VA
December 2012

I'm sure you're already of aware of this, but Lindsey is really top notch. I've been using your services since I moved to DC two and a half years ago and have always had good experiences - but Lindsey is so great. She's proactive, so considerate and conscientious. Given that my pet is 18 and sometimes a little fragile, I really feel confident knowing that she's watching over her while we're away. Having people like Lindsey on your staff is the difference between an average company and a company that people talk about and recommend to their friends. Happy holidays and thanks for the great service!

Lisa F. Washington DC
December 2012

Thank you for all the tools that you have given us [in Reactive Dog Class] and the time you spent with us during class. We will continue to work with Jackson using those tools to improve his social skills. I've also improved with him during our walks!! You guys did a great job!!! Thank you!

Kori T. Arlington, VA
November 2012

Toaster has responded beautifully to Name Game, Touch and Sit, but we are most encouraged by how well Find It and Look are working when walking on leash. We have had multiple opportunities to incorporate these lessons. As soon as she hears the clicker for Look, she immediately turns to get her treat. Find It has been equally effective. Additionally, we had an unexpected house guest this past weekend, and by using the tools we worked on for your visit, Toaster was able to accept another person in the house, without becoming frantic or overly upset. Finally, this past Sunday, we were able to take her with us for a day's outing. She had a few moments, but overall, she behaved wonderfully. We still have some work to do with loose leash walking and the two step game, but she is doing so much better with the pulling and heeling. We are very grateful for the training you [Roz] provided. I am confident we, and Toaster, will continue to progress. I suspect we will be participating in Levels training after the holidays. Thanks, again!

Cheryl B. Springfield, VA
November 2012

I also wanted to take a second to thank you, and your staff, for how well you have taken care of Maybelle in both day care and boarding. Even just going once a week, we can see she is benefiting from it. She goes in happy and excited and comes home at night tired! Additionally, her boarding experience this past weekend was superb. The staff did a great job of keeping in touch with us (we loved getting the email update!) and we can tell that they looked out for her and gave her extra attention when she was a little anxious. We have boarded her at other facilities before, but she has come back anxious, hyper, and generally unhappy. When we picked her up on Sunday, she was happy to see us but quickly calmed down and was then tired the rest of the day from all of the playing. I've never seen her come back that happy from being boarded. We love getting the detailed notes from both daycare and boarding and really feel that the staff is looking out for our dog's best interest and happiness. Thank you also for clearing up the miscommunication on the nail clipping. She still smells great from the spa package!

Kate F. Arlington, VA
November 2012

I am writing to express our enormous thanks to Jen Weesen, who, as you know, cared for Columbus and our two other cats this past week. Although we of course know we can rely on an excellent team at Fur-Get Me Not, I wanted to underscore particular thanks to Jen, who adeptly handled the difficulties of the storm, Columbus's health, hiding cats, and much more...she is truly fantastic, enabling us to focus on our work overseas - knowing the zoo was in good hands. Our thanks again to you all.

Wendin S. Arlington, VA
November 2012

Thank you for all the tools that you have given us and the time you spent with us during class. We will continue to work with Jackson using those tools to improve his social skills. I've also improved with him during our walks!! You guys did a great job!!! Thank you!

Kori T. Arlington, VA (Reactive Dog Class Student)
November 2012

I've been using Fur-Get Me Not's services for many years, originally for pet-sitting my two cats. Once I got Izzie, I started using the daycare services and the Levels Training. Izzie loved going to daycare most days of the week, but now that she's a little older, she prefers to stay home with an occasional visit to daycare. During the week Ali from Fur-Get Me Not takes Izzie for her mid-day walks, puts up with Izzie's playful antics, and always keeps me well-informed. From the time Izzie was a puppy, I've felt very secure knowing that Izzie was being taken care of by the Fur-Get Me Not staff. Everyone is so friendly, and you can tell that they really care about the dogs. I also enjoy reading the daycare report cards (even if Izzie does spend the day sleeping these days), and the dog walk reports from Ali. I enjoy seeing the staff at Community Events, and as I say on the survey every year, Fur-Get Me Not really does have the best people!

Vicki L. Alexandria, VA
October 2012

I'm a first time Fur-Get Me Not customer with the Levels program. We recently moved to the area with our 3 1/2 year old JRT-Chiuahua mix, Shakespeare. Shakespeare was bit by a large dog shortly after moving here and started exhibiting heightened signs of anxiety and also growling when other dogs came too close. I was very afraid he would get bit again or worse as his growling would provoke other dogs - especially in close quarters like our buildings elevator, etc. Vivian suggested I try the Levels program and start working on strengthening trust and bonding with Shakespeare and also building confidence. It would also give him a positive experience (practicing drills and getting treats and praise!) while being in a room full of other dogs. After two months of attending Levels, the Tricks and Game Night workshops, and reinforcing skills at home, Shakespeare has really made huge strides in his confidence again both in general and around other dogs. He is a perfect gent in the elevator again even with other dogs in there- he quietly sits on command next to me and waits for our floor. In fact, he's gotten TONS of compliments for being the most polite dog in the whole building because of his elevator manners. The class and instructors really helped me to learn to pick up on Shakespeare's stress cues so I can better determine when he's feeling very uncomfortable around another dog and can direct him away to get more space or remove him from the situation before it escalates to a growl. Jackie was such a big help and she really got to know Shakespeare in a short period of time and give me personal tips on confidence building and calming techniques!

Being pregnant with my first child, I had felt pretty vulnerable and physically helpless in the first dog fight- like I couldn't protect my dog. Now nine months pregnant and bigger than ever, I feel completely confident I can prevent a dog fight from even occurring based on continually working with Shakespeare, watching out for his stress cues and being able to pretty accurately predict his reaction to other dogs based on certain behaviors. We've been slowly and successfully reintroducing Shakespeare back to socializing with other dogs in monitored environments- at friends' houses and just recently at the dog park. With a slow, on-leash introduction, no more than one dog at a time, lots of space for Shakespeare to be comfortable and his favorite ball, he is ready to play and be relaxed again with other dogs just like before. It will remain be a work in progress but the knowledge and skills I learned at Fur-Get Me Not not only helped my dog become more confident and less of a safety risk, but also helped erase my anxiety about dealing with a stressed out dog and a new baby. We're ready to be a happy family!

Thank you so much. It's been such an enjoyable and valuable experience. We'll definitely be back for workshops and doggie day camp. I've already recommended Fur-Get Me Not to several people.

Monica D. Alexandria, VA
September 2012

I could not have helped Halo find a peace and happiness without the Fur-Get Me Not team. I do recall the trainers staying almost an hour with my after class when Halo was too scared to get into the car, talking to me on the phone when she was so mouthy I thought I couldn't keep her, and helping me break through her tantrums so she could relax and enjoy down-time. She is an AMAZING dog, but she wouldn't be without the contributions of so many devoted people! Thank you.

Amy M. Arlington, VA
September 2012

I wanted to thank you again for our training session this summer. I took your suggestion and have been using a [Freedom no-pull] harness on Bella. It has worked out great - leash pulling is all gone and she seems much happier on her walks now.

Wayne D. Arlington, VA
September 2012

We just started using Fur-Get Me Not doggie daycare services and attending training classes at the beginning of July. Bodie's first time boarding was last week and he didn't want to go home when we came to pick him up. He was able to get acclimated with boarding very quickly and is currently thriving in the Fur-Get Me Not environment. We now feel comfortable enough that we can take a vacation and maybe even fly somewhere knowing that Bodie is in good hands. Having a dog is tremendously easier with the services we are using. He uses much of his puppy energy at daycare so he's more relaxed when he comes home which makes is easier for us to get things done. It also helps with the training we do at Fur-Get Me Not and practice at home. He is so much fun and so well behaved for only being five months old. We often hear comments from people that he is very well trained for being such a young puppy. We are very proud when we get such great positive feedback!

Tacy S. Arlington, VA
September 2012

I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience we had with the Puppy Socials. I truly appreciate you allowing us to attend for an extra month due to the Tween Social being cancelled. The training staff was great, in particular Jackie. She is phenomenal. Jackie has a true sense of which dogs should play together and what environment they should be in and she is always accessible. She also has a tremendous amount of patience (especially with hyper Sami!). We are going to miss the socials, but I have left with a better behaved and socialized puppy. Kudos to all the trainers you have on your staff!

Adele S. Arlington, VA
August 2012

I’m one of your new customers along with my miniature gold retriever puppy, Emily. No doubt she would love your Hunter! I just read your newsletter and am one of those who filled out your survey a few days ago and wanted to thank you for the opportunity. It takes a special kind of person and business philosophy to be willing to open yourself and company to such detailed feedback. You seem to interpret the results with such a productive, positive attitude even when suggestions are offered.

Even though we are just at the start of our relationship, I have been so impressed by everyone and everything at Fur-Get Me Not. We have been attending puppy socials occasionally (including during the power outage last Saturday), will attend our first workshop tomorrow, and Emily’s first day care experience will be Sunday (I thought she might enjoy Bubble Day!), then we start Level 1 on August 5.

Of course, you realize what an important resource you offer and how intimately you become involved in each dog’s and family’s life. But, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that after having looked at, talked about, and researched other places, yours is a special place and your customer really do appreciate you!

Sandie D. Arlington, VA
July 2012 

Fur-Get Me Not's services are invaluable to us! It's a treat for us to get to send June to daycare and take her to Levels training every week. Earlier this Spring, as June turned 2, she started developing some confidence, play-style and noise-sensitivity related issues. We dove head-first with June into Levels and play classes and the improvements we have seen with June have been incredible. June is growing into the wonderful, well-behaved and confident dog we always knew she could be - we are so thankful for the Fur-Get Me-Not staff coaching and dedication to us and June! It's hard for us to imagine not taking June to Fur-Get Me Not on a regular basis.

Meredith P. Arlington, VA
July 2012

Want to say a big thank you to the Fur-Get Me Not team for helping us out in our time of need these two weeks. Koa used to come to Fur-Get Me Not. But she is such an introvert and that my job allows me enough flexibility that she has not been to Fur-Get Me Not for a few years now. We are in the middle of a move from Arlington to Dallas and our old VA home is under renovation. Complete mess. So we contacted Fur-Get Me Not and told the staff of our need and we were immediately assured of assistance. It has been a great relief to us to know Koa is in trusted hands. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dr. Anny W. Arlington, VA
July 2012

Anonymous customer comments from our 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Our sitter, Heather, did a wonderful job introducing herself to our dog and really took the time to listen to us and learn about his habits. We know it takes a real commitment to pets and providing great customer service to be a good pet sitter. We just want you to know that we really appreciate her and hope that our dog will enjoy Fur-Get Me Not for a long time in the future.

The pet eval I had with another company was somewhat unprofessional and too casual. My meeting with Abby Simpson, my current dogwalker with Fur-Get Me Not, was a great contrast - she was attentive, professional, and I could see she was responsible and trustworthy. So, I called the other company and cancelled my service with them.

Nicole Caldwell was absolutely wonderful. We felt confident after our consultation meeting that our cats would be well taken care of. When we returned from our trip our cats were content and happy (which has never been the case when we leave them in the care of pet sitters or friends). We are very happy with the service we have received and will recommend Fur-Get Me Not to our friends. We will also request Nicole as our pet sitter whenever we need to be out of town.

Fur-Get Me Not's services have had an invaluable impact on our lives. Fur-Get Me Not makes it possible for me to give Murphy the type of puppy-life she deserves. I know when she is at daycare or boarding she is in extremely safe hands and is having a blast. Since we live in a small apartment, daycare gives her the opportunity to run around and play for hours in a big open space with other dogs. She loves all of the daycare attendants and has even made some good dog friends. The training program has also had a big impact on our lives. Before attending levels training and day training, Murphy was very hard to handle - particularly on walks. She is now a pleasure to bring on walks and is making noticeable progress in other areas. She is still a ball of impulsive energy and has a long way to go, but I am confident that we will get there with the help of Fur-Get Me Not's trainers. As a first time dog owner, Fur-Get Me Not is like a puppy lifeline that is always there for us with the right answer or solution. I can't imagine raising Murphy without Fur-Get Me Not's services and highly recommend Fur-Get Me Not to every dog owner.

Katie H. Arlington, VA
June 2012

Parker and I attended the jumping workshop last week. I learned a few great things there and I just wanted to let you know that Parker greeted my uncle in my house and two boys on the trail today and didn't jump at all! Great progress! I know we still have a lot of work to do, but I was very excited to share this news with you. Thanks!

Stephanie W. Arlington, VA
May 2012

Tammy and Hunter, On behalf of the level-2 English language learners, teachers and staff at Wakefield High School, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful presentation today. The students loved it and learned a lot, based on their questionnaire responses. Even students who expressed fear and dislike of dogs were captivated by Hunter's charms and Tammy's informative talk and interaction with Hunter. Again, thank you so much!

Maureen S. Wakefield High School English Langugage Teacher
May 2012

We started using Fur-Get Me Not as soon as we adopted the Walter and Arthur. We get a walker about 4 times per week and then also use your boarding services when we go somewhere we can't drive and take the boys to. How has Fur-Get Me Not services impacted your lives? Your services have been very helpful - at first it was definitely necessary for them to have their midday outing. Now the boys are old enough now to get through the day but we’ve kept the walks because we like the boys to have the company and stretch their legs during the day. Plus, we like that they get to play all day during boarding, so it helps us to travel more comfortably knowing that they are well taken care of. Well, that, and we love how responsive you are when we call to check in on them!

Dan B. Arlington, VA
April 2012

Melissa Rae is a wonderful dog walker, we appreciate the notes and the special care she gives to Reagan and Oliver every day. Several years ago we had a very bad experience with our dog walker and we were hesitant to get a new one. But since having Melissa, I have found new faith in the program and I know the pooches really appreciate her! I would definitely recommend her to any of my dog loving friends. I hope she wins, she really deserves it! Thank you,

Tracy E. Arlington, VA
March 2012

I would like to say that I am very fortunate to have Scott Colson as our walker! He’s taken care of two of my German Shepherds, and they love Scott. He’s reliable, dependable and outstanding with my GSD’s. Thank you Scott!

Sharon S. Alexandria, VA
March 2012

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful training experience I had with Grrace! I am positive that it was just hte right thing she (and I) needed for her to be successful in the CGC Test. She's a great little girtl, but still full of beans! I am looking forward to bringing her to Therapy Dog classes. I would be remiss if I also didn't mention how much Dessa has benefitted from her Confidence Building class. Believe me - I will take all of the small successes I can get with her! She now willfully jumps out fo the car when we get to our destination - whew!

M. Stott, Falls Church, VA
March 2012

We've been using just about every service you offer (Levels Training, Daycare, Pet Taxi and Dog Walking!), 5 days a week, since Lucy entered our lives. Our work hours can be a little crazy, which is why Fur-Get Me Not is such a God-send! We started with the levels training which, for anyone who has ever had a Dalmatian knows, is a lifesaver. The obedience training keeps us all sane and happy. We also use regular dog walks and a few days a week of day care and all of it has been fantastic. We can't say enough about Katie our dog walker, who loves and treats Lucy like she's her own. And the entire Fur-Get Me Not staff is always so flexible and accommodating to any last minute changes - and always friendly along the way. Not sure where we'd be without all of you!

R. McGillan, Arlington, VA
March 2012

From their first winter with us, Fur-Get Me Not has provided a mid-day walk. Mary teaches school, allowing her to provide plenty of activity during her summer breaks. But during the school year, Fur-Get Me Not has helped ensure Lily and Buster get plenty of exercise and attention even with both of us working. We have met many great walkers, starting with Tammy herself 10 years ago, and every one of them was fantastic with our dogs!

L. Scott, Arlington, VA
February 2012

I would just like to let you know that I had a wonderful pet sitter, Jen Wessen. I have had other sitters in the past, which worked out fine, but, Jen was really over the top great. My dog gets a little neurotic when I leave town, and usually gives my sitters a bit of a hard time. Jen seemed to know exactly what to do with Guinness, and, he seemed to thrive and enjoy his 8 day visits from Jen. She was nice enough to send me emails to let me know how things were going. It made my trip much more enjoyable knowing that all was well at my house.
I certainly plan on asking for Jen the next time I need a sitter.

K. Berry, Alexandria, VA
February 2012

We love the training program at Fur-Get-Me Not and YOU [Roz] are a big reason we love it so much. We have come to value your teaching style, your sense for what we should do differently with Kai during a session to help her succeed, your advice, and your personal touch.

M. Johnson, Washington, DC
February 2012

I arrived in Arlington, VA in December 2010 after a long drive from my hometown of Atlanta, GA. I did not know much about the area and asked the manager of my apartment building for recommendations for a dog walker. They highly recommended Fur-Get Me Not. I did my own research as well, and saw that Fur-Get Me Not was one of the most well-recommended pet care companies in the DC area. So, I signed up, and Katie and Sabrina began providing regular mid-day walks and also eventing pet sits for Layla May when I had to work late. Then, when I moved into the District, Sabrina helped transition Layla May and Binx into their new surroundings until Andrea took over the regular walks. I always look forward to coming home and reading the notes from the day about Layla May's adventures on her dog walks, and how Binx likes to help write the notes (i.e. get in the way of writing)!

Fur-Get Me Not has been a definite life saver for me. My schedule can be somewhat unpredictable, and Fur-Get Me Not has always been able to provide that extra evening walk when I have to work late, or a last minute pet sit when I have to leave town on short notice. Whenever I come home from work or a trip, Layla May and Binx are happy to see me, but not desperate - I can tell they have been played with and well cared for by the Fur-Get Me Not staff. That is such a relief for me to know I can trust that my "fur babies" will be taken care of when I am away! It is truly an invaluable service.

M. Wimberly, Washington, DC
January 2012

Good morning! I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for all of the hard work you did with Murphy during day training. As you know, I enrolled Murphy in the day training program in anticipation of Thanksgiving. Since Murphy is a puppy, I was very nervous that she would jump all over our guests and mouth them. You listened to my concerns and did a wonderful job of training both me and Murphy on how to improve her behavior. Murphy’s behavior during Thanksgiving was a true testament to the success of the day training program. She was extremely well behaved throughout the entire day and only jumped on two out of nineteen guests (pretty great for a gregarious golden retriever puppy). Also, she immediately corrected her behavior when I called her name on those two occasions. In addition, she did not mouth anyone the entire day and ended up lying quietly by my side during dessert. I could not have asked for better results!

In addition to the jumping and mouthing, you also worked a lot on Murphy’s leash skills and on “drop it” and “leave it.” She has improved dramatically with her leash walking and has significantly reduced her pulling. I now enjoy our walks together instead of being stressed out during them. Also, she listens better when I ask her to “leave” things on our walks. She now sniffs things and then turns to me for an award for not taking them. Although she still steals socks and other items when we are not looking, she is much better about dropping them when we ask her to and we don’t have to pry her mouth open to retrieve them.

Overall, the day training program exceeded all of my expectations and I keep trying to think of other behaviors that I want corrected so Murphy can go through the program again! The daycare setting was invaluable to Murphy’s training because it gave her the opportunity to work on jumping exercises in real-life situations with other clients and with the daycare attendants. It also allowed her to practice her training in a very comfortable environment with her four-legged friends. Murphy definitely learned a lot more in a one-on-one format working directly with a trainer instead of working with me through a trainer. In addition to your sessions with Murphy, I really enjoyed the transition meetings where you showed me what you were working on with Murphy and taught me how to continue/enforce the training at home. During those sessions, it was abundantly clear that Murphy enjoyed her training sessions with you and that you are now her new best friend!

As you can see, I cannot say enough good things about the day training program. Thank you, again, for everything and please feel free to use me as a reference for your day training program! Best regards, Katie

Katie H, Arlington, VA
December 2011

I want to thank you [Roz] for your great direction yesterday when we went outside. What a difference your instruction has made! I have been using your strategies and Cody is peaceful and calm and so am I. We actually walked with a loose lead this afternoon on two legs of a city block. We met a dog sitting on the sidewalk in front of his home, a school bus, several walkers, a bicyclist, and a leaf blower person. Cody was completely calm and uninterested in them. WOW! This method is amazing! I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom.

D. Freeland, Alexandria, VA
November 2011

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how great our dog walker, Dave Hurley, has been. He is terrific with Barney and Maggie. He stayed with them this past weekend while we were traveling in Philadelphia, sent us the nicest text message to let us know all was well! Knowing they were in good hands meant so much to us and made travel that much less stressful. The dogs appear to adore him and he leaves us the nicest notes. Thank you again for always providing such top-notch service!

J. Norris, McLean, VA
November 2011

Fur-Get Me Not has done a superb job of helping us train Wally. We could not have expected that he would have progressed like he did. He is so well behaved and he learned so much from all of his level training that I cannot thank your training team enough. I would especially like to thank Sarah. She really went out of her way to help Wally with some of his harder skills like doing down on a verbal command. Were it not for her I would have likely given up. Her enthusiasm when Wally would show her his newly learned skill was seconded to only mine. It was nice to see someone else as happy as I was that Wally can high five!

P. Carleton, Arlington, VA
October 2011

I am very happy with my experience with Fur-Get Me Not so far! Murphy attends half-day daycare twice a week and also attends the Levels training classes. To date your company has been extremely professional and provides great customer service. The girls at the front desk are incredibly nice and very personable every time I go into the facility. I am very confident when I drop Murphy off that she is going to have fun playing in a safe, supervised environment.

K. Hinton, Arlington, VA
September 2011

City walks was a great class for our dog Toby.  Toby is a little nervous around new situations so we wanted to take his training out of the classroom and into the real world.  City Walks was the perfect opportunity!  It gave us the chance to see a variety of real life settings and create solutions on how to deal with them.  This took our "target" and "watch me" training out of the classroom and into everyday settings.  Toby now joins us when we are going out for an evening, and he has become very confident in walking though large crowds or when a sudden noise or movement startles him.  Mostly because we now have the right tools to help him be successful!  City Walks is the best class to take your basic obedience to real life situations!

S. Jernigan, Springfield, VA
September 2011

I've been a Fur-Get Me Not client since its inception. I work a lot of hours and Fur-Get Me Not is indispensible to me and keeping my "kids" exercised and happy. At first, I took my Chihuahua boys to the Saturday socials. We also scheduled walks to get the boys out in the midday sunshine a few days a week. My guys are not the most accepting of strangers, but their walkers through the years have been very patient with them. Elsa, who has a lot of energy, attends daycare for half a day a few days a week, and loves her rides home with Scott for her midday strolls with the boys. When I tell her she's going to daycare the night before, I swear she smiles, and in the morning she is waiting by the door. She's always hopeful that "today is the day" for daycare. Elsa has also boarded with Fur-Get Me Not which makes for a tired, happy dog upon my return home. While she's at boarding, the boys stay at home with the pet sitter. They are not an easy task since both are on several meds. I'm always confident, though, that they will be well taken care of. We've also taken advantage of Fur-Get Me Not's professional trainer, Vivian, to work with Elsa. Her improvements have been amazing, as long as mom follows through!

Fur-Get Me Not has also gone above and beyond for us. It was not the best timing when I adopted Elsa since I had a family vacation scheduled shortly afterwards. Because she had been in shelter so recently, I was concerned about boarding her. On rather short notice, Scott was willing to spend time away from his family and spend nights with my gang so Elsa could continue to adjust to her new home. A few days ago I had to leave for Florida due to my father's unexpected death. Fur-Get Me Not and Scott stepped right in to take care of everyone in our emergency needs. I continue to foster, which sometimes makes for a crazy household. But through it all, Fur-Get Me Not has been extremely flexible and always welcomes whoever greets them at the door. Thanks for your continued excellent service, Fur-Get Me Not!

S. Bradford, Arlington, VA
August 2011

Milo's Tibetan hyperalertness tends to make him a bit distracted in a group setting and we're considering one-on-one training now that the training objectives have become more advanced. Until we sort that out, just want to say that I am a big fan of the way Fur-Get Me Not structures training and of the trainers' skills. You have a great team and have been a wonderful resource. Thanks for everything!

M. El-Sabaawi, Alexandria, VA
August 2011

We have been using Fur-Get Me Not’s outstanding services since moving to Alexandria in 2004. Initially, we used pet sitting for the cats and bird. Four years ago, I transitioned from self-employed to more than full-time and we started mid-day walks for Mancha. Our “walkers” have been terrific and have adjusted to Mancha as she has slowed and become a little bit cranky as she has aged. I don’t know what we would do without our current walker Christine-Mancha thinks she rocks...with Mancha getting older and the rest of our menagerie needing TLC when we travel, Fur-Get Me Not’s services have eased our minds....kind of like leaving the kids with family. No worries and great communication. Thanks to everyone at Fur-Get Me Not for the outstanding work you do and for the caring way in which you do it every day.

D. Fowler, Alexandria, VA
July 2011

Hanna was extremely tentative and fearful of other people, dogs and some things we took for granted with our former dog, such as knowing how to play and wanting to play. Often her fear of people was manifested in barking and growling as people would approach her -- so we seemed to be on a downward spiral. My hope was that the confidence building class would help make her less fearful and not react negatively when people approached us. Our experience with the class was great -- and it not only built Hanna's confidence, but mine as well. Because it was a small class, both Hanna and I got lots of "hands-on" attention and training. The trainers worked with us on specific issues and situations that seemed to be most troublesome for Hanna - such as people walking up to Hanna and looking down at her. They also worked with her to learn to be more relaxed and to enjoy exploring new toys. One technique that we learned -- asking strangers to put out their hand and having Hanna do a quick touch - has worked wonders in calming her when she is meeting new people. And now instead viewing other dogs as a threat, she wants to play with every dog she meets. Everyone who has been around her -- neighbors, clerks at our nearby pet store -- have remarked on the transformation! While we still have work to do, both of us have made tremendous progress.

C. Benson, Alexandria, VA
July 2011

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the daycare at FGMN. My dog, Gibbs, has only attended a few weeks now, but its been a great experience. Everyone is always SO nice and they seem to genuinely like the dogs and care for them, which is not always the impression at other places. FGMN is the 4th place I have taken my dog for boarding, and is both of our favorites. He is excited to go in the morning and happy and exhausted when I pick him up in the evenings. The purpose for me taking him 2 days a week is to help with his separation anxiety and to make him more amenable to staying in the crate at home two days a week. It was getting to the point where I wasn't sure I could keep him (he had destroyed my house numerous times, hard to imagine with his tiny 14# frame)....so you guys have saved us!

M. Hixon, Arlington, VA
June 2011

Using FGMN really gives us great piece of mind when we can’t be home to be with Momo. It’s wonderful to know that Momo is in such great hands and that she is getting the best care. We are especially thankful to Seth Campbell and Sarah Spalding who treat Momo as if she were their dog. A thank you as well to the FGMN office, who is always quick to answer our calls and emails and we couldn’t be happier with the services they provide.

J. Gendelman, Washington DC
June 2011

The following comments were submitted anonomously via our 2010 annual customer satisfaction survey:

  • We have been with the company for over 10 years and have watched it grow & develop & never lose sight of their mission: offering professional & trusted services to the pets & their families!
  • The level of care and concern about our pets by the walkers is evident both in their written journals and in our conversations with them in person.
  • I love the doggie daycare and the staff and attendants - they are GREAT... all the FGMN employees are friendly, considerate and professional; it's a pleasure to do business with them!
  • Teddy feels comfortable and can be himself. He tends to be protective on his home turf and of me, so I can tell from the report cards and what the staff say, that he is playful, makes friends, and is well-behaved. It makes me happy to know my dog is happy and I attribute his enjoying himself to the kindness and attention of your staff and the way the activities throughout the day keep the dogs happy.
  • I like the report cards that we get each day - it shows that even though there are a lot of dog's at the facility, that there is still that personal touch.
  • My expectations were greatly exceeded and I am amazed at how well my dog responded to the positive training methods. Also, it changed the way I interact with my dog. This is a completely different dog-owning experience for us.

To our Fur-Get Me Not Friends, Spring is a tough time for rescues. The shelters are crawling with growing puppies -- too many to count -- and, in the shelters we work with, this means they are often starving, damp and sick. They never see toys, and they never sleep on beds. But, because of your amazing generosity, this will now change. They will have some good food, sturdy crates, squeaky toys, and soft beds. Not all puppies will grow up lucky enough to be Fur-Get Me Not-ers, but at least now they will get a small taste of that incredible life. Thank you from all the Lucky Dogs!

Mirah A. Horowitz, Executive Director, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
June 2011

Tara and I could not be happier with the services that have been provided by the Fur-Get Me Not staff. Fur-Get Me Not has not only been a fantastic place for Sadie to learn socialization and get exercise, but it has provided a great alternative to her staying at home alone. Additionally, Out of 7 Doggie Daycare businesses’ in the area, we selected Fur-Get Me Not because of the first impression made by the staff and we have not been let down and could not be happier with the past 15 months. Keep up the great work!

J. Mokos, Arlington, VA
May 2011

Bodie and I have been continuing to practice the skills we learned in this class a couple weeks ago and the results have been outstounding. He now generally greets people with a sit/almost jump/bounce. He doesn't jump on them just bounces up like he might jump, but doesn't. And I have had numerous people in our building who know us comment on how nice he is being and how calm he is to greet. So his better behaviour is being noticed and rewarded. Thank you so much for all the great tips and training. It has helped so much!

M. Layman, Alexandria, VA
May 2011

Just wanted to say I cannot tell you how happy I am that you adjusted the boarding hours to take pets on Saturday am (as opposed to having to come in on Fridays for the weekend) and that we can pick up before 6pm on Sundays (as opposed to the 11-2pm) I really appreciate it. Makes life dropping off and picking up so much better -- which in turn makes my life easier! You guys are the best around...

C. Blewitt, Arlington, VA
May 2011

Your company has provided service for us for several years and we are very grateful. From our first walker, Steve, who moved to San Diego to our wonderful present provider Katie, there have only been compliments for all the service you have provided. You consciously strive to make your company the best in so many ways and prove it every day. We can't say enough about Katie...she has gone above and beyond the norm, updating me if she was concerned about the dogs' health, calling me to tell me our apartment was flooded, even before we heard from the apartment complex. She is caring, yet understands how the dogs need to be disciplined. Please continue being as good as you are, and your company will continue to thrive. Again, thanks so much for having so many wonderful employees.

N. Reidy, Arlington, VA
April 2011

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful first class of puppy training for our little Wally! I think he learned a lot during class, he was sitting on his mat very well towards the end of class. I am going to work with him everyday on sit, down, watch me, recall, and various other things...On our lunchtime walk today he even did better with the distractions after yesterday's class. I have been rewarding his good behavior.

P. Carleton, Arlington, VA
April 2011

We love the classes and she's becoming a really well-behaved, happy dog. My parents (who we see every few weeks) can't get over how much she's calmed down and matured. Everyone we meet comments on how great she is and I know the training is the reason for that. Thanks for what you do!

A. Carr, Alexandria, VA
March 2011

Using Fur-Get Me Not has really allowed us to be worry free when we travel. We hate leaving our cats alone, so when we have a trip planned it’s nice to know we have someone really trustworthy taking care of them while we are gone. All of our sitters have always been so nice and often just send us a quick email to give us an update which puts us at ease. It’s so simple to book a reservation and we love knowing our cats will be in good hands.

C. McClellan, Washington, DC
March 2011

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your staff members' sweet words about Belby when I picked her up from daycare. It means so much to me that you treat my dog as if she were your own. What more could I ask for? :) Belby will be boarding with you for the first time over Presidents Day weekend, and despite her separation issues as a rescue dog (and our separation issues as rescue dog owners, let's be honest), my husband and I are very grateful to have found a boarding/daycare facility where Belby receives so much TLC. Your services have exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend Fur-Get Me Not to all of our dog-owning friends! :)

M. Thompson, Arlington, VA
February 2011

I just wanted to let you know that my dog looked SO much better boarding with you (he didn't lose any weight and just seemed in much better condition - shiny fur etc) than when I had boarded him with another daycare facility - we'll definitely be back!!

C. Codd, Alexandria, VA
February 2011

Thank you on behalf of all our Lucky Dogs for the incredibly generous holiday donations. An extra winter coat, a squeaky toy, and a warm bed go so far towards making a difference in the quality of life for shelter dogs. Lucky Dog works with incredibly under-funded, under-staffed rural shelters where they barely have money for dog food. The volunteers nearly wept with joy when they saw the incredible things we sent down to them -- thanks to YOU! We look forward to our next donation drive!!

Mirah Horowitz, Executive Director, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
February 2011

Brynn is doing a great job and I really appreciate her ongoing help with the midday walks for my dogs, Maggie and Chloe. Maggie is 13 and needs a little more TLC than the average dog, and Brynn is great about taking care of her. Chloe loves her daily walks too. Thank you very much to Brynn and Fur-Get Me Not, keep up the great work!

E. Hodges, Alexandria, VA
January 2011

Thank you, Vivian, for your terrific feedback! I don't think I've received such thoughtful and insightful guidance on dogs from anyone, and I've had dogs since 1958!

N. Reynolds, Arlington, VA
January 2011

Melissa has been great. Sammy is madly in love with her. She even humors him and takes him into the local dog friendly grocery so that he can sniff around or jogs with him. She's been great handling him and we are very happy with her. We know that Sam is in good hands with her.

K. Watier, Arlington, VA
January 2011

I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Arlington and was nervous how my puppy would react to his new home and surroundings. I was recommended to use a dog walker. I immediately picked Fur-Get Me Not because of their honesty, loyalty and services. I met with Katelyn and she was really sweet. I was nervous to have someone come into my home and care for my puppy, who can be considered my child. I feel I can trust Katelyn and know my boy, Kobe, is in good hands. He has a lot of energy (he is only 8 months) and I am thankful Katelyn comes during the day to help him relieve himself as well as burn off some energy. I am pleased with Katelyn as well as Fur-Get me Not's services.

L. Heil, Arlington, VA
January 2011

Our experience has been great. Our boy Boss loves going to day care and we've seen a considerable improvement on his socialization skills which we're confident is a direct result of the structured environment that you have in place.

J. Lobocchiaro, Arlington, VA
November 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for accepting Boudreaux this morning with no reservation. We have a serious emergency plumbing situation in our house and I do not like to leave Boudreaux at home while people that I don't know are going in and out. It is this excellent service and the caring nature of FGMN's employees that keep us loyal customers.

A. Henry, Arlington, VA
October 2010

Becca has taken care of our pets twice - once in early May and again July 22-23 - and has done an outstanding job. I just submitted a new request for three days of care in August. She was very thorough and professional in the initial consultation, my pets liked her, she followed all instructions, and was very communicative with my husband and me before, during, and after the visits. I particularly appreciate this service because I have so many pets (2 dogs and 5 cats) and I know it is a big job to take care of them all.

A. Mahoney, Arlington, VA
August 2010

I am a long-time mid-day dog walking client. My dog, Scout, had surgery last week, and our dogwalking schedule has been sporadic, with several cancelations and changes due to his slower-than-expected recovery. The Fur-Get Me Not staff, especially Gianna (who has answered most of my phone calls) has been really wonderful, and very patient. Thank you all very much for being so accommodating!

A. Goldsmith, Arlington, VA
April 2010

I just wanted to let you know that we are moving to San Francisco. It is very sad for me because there are so many nice people I'll be leaving (including you!). I want to thank you all for the wonderful and critical service that you have provided us. There is nothing more important to us than knowing our babies are being well cared for when we are gone. Your company is very professional and well run, and I hope to find one just as good in San Fran! I also want to say that Gretchen, our dog walker, is fabulous. She is reliable, professional, personable, flexible, knowledgeable, conscientious, and an all around great person! I know how important the office functions are to the running of a good business, but the walkers are really the face of Fur-Get Me Not, and Gretchen is an excellent representative of your high standards as a company.

 J. Schissel, Arlington, VA
April 2010