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  • Fox 5 - health alert story on bathing dogs with old shampoo. The reporter featured our Dog Wash in Adams Morgan and Owner Steve washing his dog Hunter as background for the story.
  • NOVADog Magazine - Dog Training Director, Vivian Leven Shoemaker contributes article Working with Trainers and Behavior Consultants and is a must read for any dog owner (Spring 2013)
  • Tomorrow Trends - Owner, Tammy Rosen interviewed on How to Turn Your Passion into Business Profit (January 2013)
  • Dog Fancy Magazine - Owner and Dog Trainer Tammy Rosen provides expert advice to fearful dog owners in Afraid of Everything New article (October 2012)
  • Arlington Examiner - Fur-Get Me Not Lead Trainer, Roz Ferber, was interviewed highlighting her training career and positive dog training philosophy (February 2012)
  • Arlington Examiner - Fur-Get Me Not Assistant Dog Trainer, Heidi Meinzer, and creator of the Companion Animal Law Blog, was interviewed on how she has fused her love for dog training and animal behavior with her career in law (September 2011)
  • NOVADog Magazine - Owner & Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Tammy Rosen was interviewed in Training 101, page 13 (Summer 2011)
  • Arlington Examiner - GM of Daycare and Boarding, Tom Stuart, interviewed on daycare and dog training teams working together to create an optimum daycare experience for the dogs (July 2011)
  • Arlington Connection - Role Models Inspire, Empower Local Businesswoman (March 2011)
  • O Magazine - Owner Tammy Rosen interviewed in What's Your True Calling (November 2010)
  • WSJ MarketWatch - Owner Steve Rosen interviewed on the Dad's that Struggle to Balance Home and Work (June 2010)
  • Sun Gazette - Recipient 2010 Service Small Business of the Year Award by Arlington Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development (May 2010)
  • Entrepreneur - Owner Tammy Rosen interviewed in A Business that Succeeds with E-Mail Marketing (September 2008)
  • Northern Virginia Magazine - Owner Tammy Rosen interviewed in Must Love Dogs (June/July 2007)
  • Sole Proprietor Magazine - Interview with Owner Tammy Rosen (February 2006)
  • Smart CEO - Owner Tammy Rosen interviewed on Companies Rewrite the Story on Marketing...With Passion (February 2006)
  • Journal Newspaper - Shi Tzu Shiatsu For Canines, Daycare & More (March 2004)
  • The Washington Post - Offering Chauffur Service (August 2002)

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